Citizenship quest (part 2)

I have finally pressed the button and applied for my Italian Citizenship. Now all I have to do, is sit back with a glass of wine and wait to see if they reject my application.

Pecora Nera cats

Three wise cats, Micha, Headache and Liquorice.

My quest started in November 2016 when I applied for my criminal record check, I was a little worried how many misdemeanours and skeletons they might discover.

Maybe just one or two skeletons.

However they obviously didn’t dig too deep, for example they never uncovered the incident of the little girl who somehow lost a chunk of her ponytail during class, maybe they couldn’t prove the fingerprints on the craft scissors were mine.

Ok, so it wasn’t quite as bad as this, well maybe

With this minor hurdle over I procrastinated for just over five months, it was only when I realised the criminal record ย certificate was due to expire, that I decided I needed to gather my documents and officially apply.

Applying on line means uploading copies of my birth certificate, residency document, criminal record and something called Richiesta di Iscrizione anagrafica. I will be honest, I didn’t know I had one of these and I still don’t know what it is or when I got it.

I also had to answer 30 pages of multiple choice questions, ok some of the pages only had 5 questions, but they were all written in Italian…

Multiple choice questions

To say I was a little stressed when I was finished is an understatement. I rechecked my answers and then pressed the button.

The Italian ministry now has 730 days to either decline or accept my application. If they don’t reply in time, I am granted citizenship by default.

Over a glass of wine, I suddenly had a cunning idea, if all the brits suddenly flooded the Italian ministry with citizenship applications….. they will be overloaded and won’t be able to cope!

Flood the Italian ministry with applications

and if they can’t cope, maybe my application will be overlooked and I will gain citizenship after 730 days by default.
So please help this black sheep by applying now

27 thoughts on “Citizenship quest (part 2)

    • A little more chaos will be wonderful.
      I have a friend in Scotland, whose grandfather used to go drinking with Luigi . I have told him to apply as well.

      I don’t think it matters how tenuous the link is ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ Because they won’t have time to decline the applications

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    • we went through a completely scientific process when we named our cats, hence we have cats called Headache, Liquorice, Mishmash, Scabby Ginger Cat and Susie Stupid Pussy Cat. It’s also quite good fun when I have to take them to the vets.

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  1. Congratulazioni and best of luck!
    Meanwhile we’re back in blighty and wondering if we have the stomach to apply for Hubby to get British citizenship during Brexit. What do you reckon? Do you think anyone would notice if you and he just exchanged passports?

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  2. I too, have applied for my citizenship in May 2016-so still waiting..May 2018 or bust ๐Ÿ™‚ …or by default…I have emailed a couple of times to them and I get the same response..730 days….amazing. As I have been living in Italy since 2013 and am married to Italian citizen, but still 730 days…onwards and upwards..Viva Italia!

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    • Good luck with your application, if they don’t give you a decision within the 730 days… You will be granted citizenship by default.

      So get everyone to apply and flood their offices with applications ๐Ÿ™ƒ


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