Italian Signs

Obviously I have a quirky sense of humour, and if I find something amusing, I either take a photo or make a quick note of it. Last night Apple informed me that I had used up my I cloud storage, either I paid them some more money or.. well they didn’t give me another option. I decided to delete some of my photos. Here are a couple that are destined to the trash bin.

This photo was taken eight years ago on a trip to the hospital, my ex had decided she was overweight and wanted to see a dietitian and out of the goodness of her heart she had also booked me in at the same time. For the price of €75 the dietitian told me what I already knew. We eat too much, I eat at the wrong time and reducing my wine intake would help me to lose weight, oh and laughing and scratching is not considered exercise . This particular photo was on the wall of the corridor giving directions to various departments.

Now my question is, which way do you go to find an incompetent medic?

The next sign I saw in a local shop, this lady has references and is offering her services as someone to help around the home, looking after old people or as a baby sister. I still wonder if she managed to become someones baby sister.

This is probably one of my favourites, originally I thought it was just a prank, but I have seen the sign on a couple of roads that are undergoing maintenance.

Road Closed for maintenance. From Thursday 25th March until the end of the work.

The road was actually closed for three weeks, but the road workers were taking no chances at estimating how long it would take them.

I stole this road sign from google images, however I have seen the same sign in a town near me.

You can turn left or right to reach any direction.

Just the type of help you need when you are lost and your partner is assessing your navigational skills.

I love this sign found in the window of my local chemist.

For the chemist, don’t make a queue.

First I need to explain something, Italians don’t queue, it is not in their nature. I was not the only person outside the chemist who seemed amused by the notice. There were ten of us outside the chemist pretending not to queue. And no one knew whose turn it was to enter the chemist…

And finally.

Saturday I went for my Covid booster injection. My arm still hurts (a little bit) and I am still feeling sorry for myself (a lot) However, Sometimes I write about how inefficient and disorganised Italy is, however, when it comes to organising and providing vaccines to get us out of this pandemic, the Italians are impressive. Well done Italy.

Open finger surgery

You may remember that Santa left me 1 and a 1/2 tons of wet wood instead of a sexy woman or even a nice bottle of whisky. Amazingly wet wood burns, but you need to mix some dry wood with it to get it up to temperature.

Unfortunately, while I was carrying this wonderful wet wood into my house, I managed to get a wood splinter stuck deep into my finger. I tried the usual home remedies, such as sucking my finger, swearing under my breath and cursing the man who delivered the wet wood, all to no avail.

IKEA, Firewood that you don’t need to glue together

What I really wanted was a sexy nurse to nurse me back to health, splinter or no splinter.

Nurse Ratched. One Flew over the cuckoos nest

Preferably not nurse Ratched.

My nurse arrived in the form of a friend from Turin who was coming over to drink some wine and eat my special shepherds pie. Armed with a safety pin, I couldn’t find a needle! She started open finger surgery. I closed my eyes and kept them closed even after she laughed at me. I am not very good at pain.


First she used a set of tweezers to try and find the offending splinter, I opened my eyes long enough to take this photo. The splinter was very deep so she attacked it with the safety pin.

My poor finger

Miss Irish, cause she is Irish, managed to dig out the dastardly splinter and post op, we drank several bottles of wine to kill the pain and trauma of the operation.

To finish, I have bought some gardening gloves to protect my fingers while I handle this wet wood that Santa left me, I need to try to pack away my Christmas lights so they are not tangled should there be a Christmas next year and I wish you all a Happy New Year.