Friends :-)

The following are links to fellow bloggers. They are posts that have made me laugh, choke on my wine or made me stop and think.

Please don’t expect them to be in any order and I will update ASP (at some point) because there are so many I want to include.

I have also added a link to my sons website. When my business website crashed he worked through the night and rebuilt it.

The policeman, or how things get done – “the Croation way” This blogger not only blogs about Croatia, she also has a Croatian summer house that you can rent.

40 Ways to know you have lived in Sardinia too long A Canadian in Sardinia.

I’m married to a Latvian A crazy Irishwoman living in Latvia.

Upcycling 101; It’s all about the Children Amazing blog on how to recycle just about anything.

Socialized medicine in italy how to not die How to live in Italy.

A day in the life of an Italian substitute teacher This is the man who is responsible for starting me blogging. I read a post while I was googling for information on Italian substitute teachers, the rest is history.

Flash breaking news.. update on the pissotte saga  An Australian who loves Venice

La CĂ  Nova This is the website of Marco Bellero, He produces fantastic wine. You can visit him to sample the wines, have a tour of his cantina and at weekend he produces great food. Because I suffer from short term memory loss, I regularly revisit his cantina to taste his wine.

Brutti Articoli, A kiwi girl attempting to learn Italian….

Sue and her move to Italy blog, brave girl

Living in the Langhe A Brit from Essex who is renovating a farmhouse in Italy, follow his posts on dealing with builders and how to work a strimmer.

Little Steps A UK mum blogs about bringing up her daughter in a tiny Cornish village

The Tattooed Teacher  A primary school teacher…. nuff said

Italy on my mind A great blog about Italy and food… I love food (She used to be a dentist, but we won’t hold that against her)

Lady of the cakes Lives in Spain, very funny..

Cookie crumbs to live by I have just found this blog. Incredible photos and words of wisdom

The Labyrinth I Roam Funny funny lady, check out her Christmas Video link

Sicilian Godmother. I love this blog, I also want to move to Sicily

Multifarious Meanderings. The topless tale. You need to read this blog

My Sardinian life. Funny, thought provoking, informative. need I say more

kait adventures I have just found this amazing writer, go and have a read. 🙂

More to come..

14 thoughts on “Friends :-)

  1. thanks for being my friend!! 🙂 and for the introduction to other blogging friends, I am going over now for a visit…


  2. Oooh, I’m so chuffed to see my blog on your list. Thank you very much! I’m on recess right now, this might kindle the fire under my lazy butt!

    Yvonne da Australia.


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