The largest Cannabis party in the Med.

A cargo ship containing 30 tons of hash was set alight in the Mediterranean creating a massive drifting cloud of marijuana fumes. A group of smugglers set fire to their cargo ship to stop the Italian Finance police and Maltese police from gate crashing the party confiscating their hash.


MV Gold Star Smoking…..

The slightly charred and smoking MV Gold Star, was sailing under the Tanzanian flag, and had been monitored by police for 3 days before boats and aircraft were sent out to gate crash the party apprehend the ship. The ship’s nine-man crew then began to set fire to the cannabis concentrate before diving overboard into the sea.


As the Italian police escorted the smugglers to the cells, Giuseppe, with a big grin on his face, said: “Hey man, was that cool or what? Did you see all the big black kinda wavy smoke coming out of the ship, like pink elephants in da sky?” His partner replied: “ yeah man, this was the highest point of my career, like,  way high man, way high.”

Pink Elephants in the sky, Crazy Man!

Pink Elephants in the sky, Crazy Man!

Despite several calls to the helicopter to tell them they were no longer needed, the helicopter continued to fly round in circles and an awful lot of giggling could be heard over the airways.

Hey dude copy you, going around for another sniff erh, look. Tee hee hee

Hey dude copy you, going around for another sniff erh, look. Tee hee hee

A police spokesman could not be drawn on why the smugglers dived into the sea several miles from the nearest land; his only comment was: “It was very strange behaviour and we are trying to figure out what exactly made them do it”

The smoking ship was towed to the Sicilian port of Siracusa where people partied the night away the soggy smugglers are being held for questioning.

They partied alllllll night

The people of Siracusa partied all night…..

One police officer lamented: “It took 3 showers and a lot of soap before Fleabag, the sniffer dog, would leave me alone”

Sniffer dog

Fleabag the sniffer dog

I am a Domestic Goddess

I am a domestic goddess

Housework is easy peezi lemon squeezie

Housework is easy peezi lemon squeezie

I have had a fall out with the guy I was working with, he is an Ace person, and funnily enough the word ace translated into Italian, is asso (which believe it or not Ripley) is pronounced asshole.

So at the moment Mrs Sensible goes to work at two different schools to teach her little chilblains how to tie their shoelaces and generally educate them; so that they do not grow up to be the next Mussolini of heavens forbid another Burlusconi.

Mr Berlusconi

One Berlusconi is quite enough thank you.

I on the other hand am learning how to make the bed using nurses corners, mop the floor, cook the evening meal (I have bought several packets of indigestion tablets) and be a good housewife house-husband.

I have drawn the line at waiting at home ready in a negligee to greet my hard working wife.

I am not doing the stockings or the negligee

I am not doing the stockings or the negligee

and until the diet kicks in, I am not doing the Chippendales either.

If I upload a pic of Dita van whatever her name is I thought it only fair to upload the chippendales

If I upload a pic of Dita van whatever her name is, I thought it only fair to upload the chippendales


In-between sending out my C.V, dreaming up get rich quick schemes and polishing the bookcase I have produced tonight’s evening meal,

I didn't burn it

I didn’t burn it

I have put a bun in the oven 


A bun in the oven (a colloquial saying)

A bun in the oven, tsk!! really all I have done is put a loaf of bread in the oven

Changed the bed and tucked it in with nurses corners.


Oh Matron!!  she knows how to tuck in your corners

Oh Matron!! she knows how to tuck in your corners

And it is not even 1.00’ clock, so I can now sit down with a glass of wine, put my feet up and watch daytime TV.

Only day time TV in Italy is appalling.

An open letter to the Chief Executive DVLA

Dear Sir,


Please will you help me to convert my UK driving licence to an Italian driving licence. I have requested your help because the process is becoming a farce and would be worthy of any Italian opera.



During March 2013, I started the process of exchanging my UK driving licence for an Italian licence. I knew this would not be an easy process, because it involves Italians and their wonderful bureaucracy; however I was politely surprised when it only took four or five visits to their office and a medical to get the process started.

In May Dott: Giampierro Allegro from the Italian Ministry for Transport wrote to the DVLA (UK) requesting two pieces of information; he asked if the DVLA would confirm that my driving licence was authentic, and the second question was, is Pecora Nera (original name changed) born in Malta on the 3/11/1961 and Pecora Sensible-Nera (changed again) born in Malta on the 3/11/1961 the same person? The confusion has arisen because I adopted my wife’s surname when I married her and updated my UK driving licence. In Bella Italia changing ones name is unheard of.

Since then the process has halted,  DVLA (UK) denied receiving the letter, this may be true, because Poste Italia is exceptionally unreliable, you have more chance of a letter reaching its destination if you put it in a bottle and throw it from the Naples ferry into the sea.

Quicker than Poste Italia

Quicker than Poste Italia

Since July I have contacted DVLA on several occasions including, one letter, two e mails, made four telephone calls and filled in two DVLA web based complaints form.  Today I phoned Angelina at the DVLA call centre and was told they are still looking at the attachments that I sent during August!!!

Please will you ask someone to write to Dott: Giampierro Allegro at the Italian Ministry for Transport and confirm that my licence is authentic and that Pecora Nera and Pecora Sensible-Nera are the same person.

The ongoing saga

Part one

Part two

Part three


Yours faithfully

Pecora Nera

Post updated because Mr Simon Tse is no longer the Chief Executive of DVLA, Oliver Morley becomes the new Chief Executive in November. I wonder if this will be sorted before then?

Nebbiolo, Barone di San Pietro

I have re blogged this post, because Marco makes the finest wine in Monferrato. Marco is the wine producer who not only refilled the antique wine bottles that I found (see post here ) but he also refused payment for the wine and his time.
So a toast to Marco and his wine. 🙂

La Cà Nova

Con oggi cominciamo a raccontarvi in modo approfondito le schede degustative dei nostri vini, in modo che anche i meno esperti possano capire le caratteristiche, i profumi e i sapori dei nostri prodotti.
Iniziamo con uno dei nostri prodotti più all’avanguardia: il Nebbiolo.

BARONEColore: Rosso rubino più o meno carico, con riflessi di granato.
Profumo: Profumo caratteristico, tenue e delicato, ricorda la viola, che si attenua e perfeziona con l’invecchiamento.
Sapore: Secco, di buon corpo, giustamente tannico da giovane, vellutato, armonico.
Vitigni: 100% nebbiolo
Vinificazione: Fermentazione in acciaio a cappello sommerso per la durata di 12 giorni a contatto con le bucce.
Maturazione: La maturazione avviene in piccole botti di rovere per la durata di 18 mesi.                                                                       uvabarone
Abbinamento: Ideale con tagliolini al sugo di salsiccia o con tartufo, agnolotti con sugo di arrosto, piatti a base di carni rosse, stracotti e selvaggina in genere, nei formaggi mediamente stagionati o solo leggermente erborinati.

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