Crying into my Cappuccino



Even a well oiled organisation like Fedex grinds to a halt, when it crosses into Italian territory. I am not surprised but it doesn’t stop me from crying into my cappuccino.

I ordered two small parts from Taiwan to be delivered by Fedex.  It is interesting to see how efficient Fedex is.

Elvis in Taiwan (yes that is his real name, and he is alive and kicking) despatched the parcel Friday 5.58 pm January 18th 2013

Fedex Taiwan

Fedex Taiwan all good so far

The little parcel winged it’s way to China and arrived the very next day, Saturday 1.23 am January 19th 2013.

Fedex China

Fedex China

Leaving China behind my little but very urgent parts flew to Germany and arrived the same day at 3.08 PM January 2013

Germany Fedex

Fedex Germany (very efficient)

The Germans didn’t mess around they grabbed the little parcel and with German efficiency they stuck it on a plane to France. Where it arrived later that day 11.30pm January 19th 2013.

Fedex France

Fedex France (No time to stop for onions or garlic)

The French, looked at the parcel, realising that it was of no value agreed to send it to Italy where it arrived the following day at 8.54am January 20th 2013

And then unfortunately the Italians got involved.

Fedex Italy

Fedex Italy (All the time in the world – Italy mini tour)

As you can see Fedex Italy like my parcel, they are running it around Italy and showing it to everyone. Franco sent the parcel to Vito in Alessandria (which is half an hour from me) and Vito decided to send it back to Franco because Marco and Maria hadn’t seen it.

Franco then sent the parcel back to Vito in Alessandria (Which I hasten to point out is very close to me) but the bu&%er won’t answer his phone.

My little but very urgent parcel has spent more time in Italy than it spent travelling the world. But “ma” this is Italy.

Maybe it might turn up tomorrow, or more probable, Vito in his infinite wisdom will send it back to Elvis.

33 thoughts on “Crying into my Cappuccino

  1. I think the French let the parts through, because they thought they were going to an Italian. Had they know they were destined for this crazy Englishman I am sure they would be touring France just like Lance Armstrong did, but without the dope.

    Unfortunately they are for a company in Germany. But hey had to go to France and tour Italy before I can send them.


  2. Thats nothing. My parcel from John Lewis left Northahmpton on 15 December. It then spent three weeks in a CityLInk depot in Epsom. The online tracker said it was ‘In Our System’ which I have decided is a euphamism for ‘Up My Arse’. Then they said they had lost it on the 14 Jan. Then they delivered it the next day. But not before John Lewis had reordered the item. I’ve just left them to it.


  3. sorry Pecora Nera for your troubles, but I never trust an American (Fedex) and we always use DHL (owned by German Deutsche Post)… Franco is probably asking Vito who is consulting with Maria and Alfredo and Giuseppe Garibaldi, as how much import duty to charge you as the parcel is from China…. The Chinese should have said “item of no value as it’s going to Pecora Nera”. Gift!


  4. I was a little bored this morning so I did a couple of sums…. My parcel took 39 hours to travel from Taiwan to Italy, it visited mainland China, Germany, France and then Italy. 11678 Kilometres = 299 kilometres an hour

    In Italy it took 92 hours to travel from the airport to my office =1 kilometre an hour.


  5. It seems to me that the Italians relish swimming in bureaucratic paperwork. This applies to the consulates and embassies around the world too. My husband had all the documentation to get his Italian citizenship. How do we know he had everything? His sister had just finished the process the year before and had sent Nick all the forms. How long did it take his sister to get it starting from scratch? 18 months. How long did it take Nick to get it starting with all the correct paperwork? 28 months. Can you figure out that one?


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  7. LOL!!! I work in exhibition design and construction. I travel for work with truckloads, containers shipping my stands around the world. I deal with transport companies all the time. I find that most of the time the problem is not them, it is usually the Italian Customs holding the package up, deciding whether to charge you €300+ in tax for USD600 personalised company keychains and then proceed to take 10 days to process that. All I can say is, been there, done that, got the T-shirt and ripped out half my head of hair the last 7 years. 😛


  8. I’m living in Mexico, and I’ve found that outside the UK you just cant trust any delivery or postal service – its like a game of roulette here. you just never know if things will arrive or not. My latest fed ex package from the UK turned up a week late and then they delivery guy asked me if I was going to leave him a tip for delivering my package!!


    • ha ha ha, a tip:)

      The worst one here is poste italia, things just disappear. My father in law says they open interesting boxes and keep the contents…

      He has sent 2 parcels to friends in the UK and neither of them arrived, even though he used the full address and post codes


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