Rabbit, pizza or starve..

Last night Mrs Sensible and I agreed to meet after work in the town centre. Neither of us wanted to cook, so we decided to blow the housekeeping on a well deserved meal out.

Our first stop was the Chinese restaurant near the hospital. I had promised not to order everything that appears on the menu. I tend to get a bit carried away in Chinese restaurants and order loads and loads. I then send Mrs Sensible completely batty, by complaining that I am too full and need to consider dieting.

Unfortunately it was only ten past six, and I am sure you are aware, Italians eat at strange times. The guy who was setting the tables said “Velly solly closed, open later…”

We tried Santa Lucia the Italian Pizzeria / Restaurant, which was also closed even though it stated on the door that it opened at 6.30 ….. I checked my watch and it was 6.50.

I said “ok lets go home and I will cook bangers and mash.”

Oh good Mrs Sensible said we have some nice sausages in the fridge.

“Really… I didn’t know”

Yes they are pork and ( I was waiting for the word apple) rabbit. RABBIT!!! Cuddly, fluffy rabbit.

Fluffy bunny

Fluffy bunny

Frustrated peeved and miffed, I steered Mrs Sensible down the main street. Mrs Sensible walked into a shop that sold SLABS of pizza. She bought 2 pieces. I declined, I refuse to eat food that doesn’t look appealing and I was sulking.

They didn't look as nice as this

They didn’t look as nice as this

As we walked back to the car, Mrs Sensible started to lecture me on why I did want any SLABS of pizza. She said I was behaving like a naughty spoilt child. I tried to defend myself by explaining that I won’t eat Mc Donalds or Burger King even if I am starving.

On the way back to the car park we passed Santa Lucia the restaurant. Lo and behold it was open.  Food I said as I dragged her in the restaurant . Ok  ok she said I will take the pizza SLABS to work for my dinner.

As Mrs Sensible disappeared to visit the little girl’s room I ordered a glass of red wine and for Mrs Sensible some fizzy water.

The food was great, and by the time we had finished the meal Mrs Sensible had forgiven me for sulking.

And the SLABS of pizza…. Mrs Sensible had put the plastic bag that held them on the floor next to her chair, and when we left the restaurant she forgot to pick them up….

16 thoughts on “Rabbit, pizza or starve..

  1. What do you mean, “cute fluffy bunny”?? I see you’ve forgotten Monty Python’s killer bunny…. I’m a great believer in bunny pie, bunny stew, bunny pâté and anything else with bunny in it. The combination of bunny and carrot smells much nicer when cooking than when changing the cage, incidentally 🙂


  2. I have got used to eating many things. We went to a sagra in Alessandria and assino (donkey) was on the menu, and very nice it is. Horse, octopus you name it Mrs Sensible has cooked it, but I draw a line at bunny sausages.


  3. You wouldn’t have liked the game pie I had over Christmas. Not even he waitress could remember all the ingredients, but I think it had venison, pheasant and rabbit. It was quite delicious! Served with honey roasted carrots, mashed parsnips and spiced cabbage.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE Mrs. Sensible forgot her doggie bag. I’m surprised you didn’t go back to retrieve it.
    I miss Santa Lucia! Say hello to our favorite waiter.


  4. I’ve had fluffy bunny once. Was invited to a dinner party, unfortunately they told me beforehand what the main course consisted of. It kept going up and down in my oesophagus. It would have been too impolite to say no, and they knew I wasn’t a vegan. Never again. Would have been easier had I not known..


  5. My Hubby once dared to bring a dead rabbit home from the butcher’s, when I was pregnant and more sensitive than usual.
    He just said “Here’s some meat, can you put it in the fridge please?”
    I opened up the blood-proof white paper wrapping it up, unsuspecting of the cruel trick he had played on me, and picked up the first piece of meat to transfer it into a tupperware container: I found a skinned rabbit face with bared teeth, looking at me through milky eyes. I screamed. I underwent an involuntary spasm. My arm unintentionally launched the rabbit head in a giant arc, out through the open kitchen window. It flew wildly and landed in front of hubby who was chatting outside to the neighbour.
    He’s never brought rabbit home again.


    • I would love to have seen that.. I like fresh meat, but I don’t want it to look like fresh meat. Does that make sense?

      I still struggle with octopus, because it is purple and has arms… And black spaghetti made with the ink is a no no. The only thing I eat that is black is liquorice and burnt toast.


        • I don’t understand the obsession Mrs Sensible has with widening the foods I will eat / tolerate.

          She knows I don’t like the thought of tripe, she told Zia to just serve it, he won’t know and he wont complain.

          I knew something fishy was going on, especially when they watched me to see if I would eat it.. Bleugh

          just give me steak or a bacon butty


          • Tripe!?? Oh, that really is a step too far! You should put your foot down!
            My husband doesn’t even dare eat tripe in front of me: he already knows he must first construct a visual barrier of water and wine bottles, ketchup bottles and other obstacles all along the dining table. Otherwise the sight of it puts me off my own dinner.
            Whenever I see the barrier ready, I know he’ll be having something revolting for dinner. He’s been known to eat goat lungs, snails and once a sheep’s trachea. He wouldn’t even dare to suggest I try any of that lot!!!


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