Toxic Plastic Legs Syndrome.

I have just found out our cuddly cats may be carriers of Toxic Plastic Legs Syndrome a link  to the disease is here. This dreadful disease is very common in cats and may be dangerous if transmitted to a pregnant woman!!! Fortunately neither Mrs Sensible nor I are pregnant, well I hope not anyway.


Toxic Plastic Leg Syndome

Toxic Plastic Leg Syndrome

Last night Mrs Sensible aided and impeded by yours truly, attempted to force the cats to eat a selection of tablets to cure Toxic Plastic Legs Syndrome, beri beri and the shits. The operation did not go well. As I tried to entice Mish Mash to eat his horse sized pills, I was amazed at how many legs a cat has, each tipped with a lot of sharp little claws, plus some pretty sharp teeth. In fact, I still have the scratch marks to prove how much the cats enjoyed the game and I will go to the hospital tomorrow for a little bit of first aid and a tetanus shot.


Mish Mash after I had tried to force feed him.

Mish Mash after I had tried to force feed him.


After I nearly lost the end of my index finger on my right hand, Mrs S shouted “I told you to crush the tablets and mix it with their food”




Our cats are now de-bugged, de-wormed and no longer suffer from diarrhea.  The cats are now ready for their next home. Which could be your home!!!!! Just complete the contact form and I will send you a cat via Fedex


Mr Hairy will be the first to go, because he is so handsome and cute, if he was an Italian man he would strut around wearing an Armani suit complete with a man bag and generally wow the women.


Mr Hairy

Mr Hairy the good looking cat.

Mrs S and I are still negotiating which cat/s we will keep here. Last week it was all five, that is until they managed to spread their number 2’s from one side of their room to the other. For an explanation of what a number 2 is go read this earlier post.

If Mr Hairy was a man, he would look like this

If Mr Hairy was a man, he would look like this

Ruth, formally called the Runt, will stay because although she is pretty ugly, she is the brightest and will cause us the least trouble and either Mish Mash, my choice because she is as mad as a hatter and chases anything that moves and has an amazing ability to climb up a trouser leg using only her claws. Mrs Sensible wants to keep  Ginger, because she likes him. Aren’t women sentimental.


The Runt

The Runt sometimes called Ruth or Butt-Ugly

We have found a woman, whose soul aim in life is to re house kittens and stray cats. She came here and inspected our cats, provided us with some valuable advice and cans of cat food, plus the miraculous horse tablets. She has officially been added to my Christmas card list.

42 thoughts on “Toxic Plastic Legs Syndrome.

  1. it sounds like you were dealing with a den of lions, and i know kitties can be equally as fierce. best of luck on finding their forever homes, and i know there is a match for everyone, even the crazies, as i can attest to, based upon some of the people i’ve dated in the past )


  2. I have never seen a truly ugly cat….ever! But then people who know me understand.
    From a blog I just read last week about another person in Italy dealing with feeding a small kitten, wool gloves would have helped save your hands and fingers. Although sharp those claws get stuck in the wool and aren’t long enough to reach through to your hands. Ah, well. You’ll know next time. And yes, there will be a next time.
    Thank you for being such a responsible person about finding homes for the ones you claim you can’t keep.
    PS Thought of you last week while dining with friends at a fancy Italian restaurant here….several dishes with “pecora” on the menu. Guess we’re just lucky it wasn’t a Cajun Italian restaurant…then we could have had “blackened” pecora. I chose the pasta special with salmon.

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  3. God bless you in your mission for giving homes to these cats. Many kittens have very loose bowels when they are given their first shots and are de-wormed. Please set up more than one cat litter box, and clean them often. They prefer to do their business in clean litter and some of them even prefer not to share cat boxes. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE MOM IS NEUTERED so she cannot have any more kittens. This is done routinely in all pet cats in the U.S. They live longer lives, stay healthier, and do not produce kittens that, in Italy at least, are often drowned in bucket at birth, by people, or otherwise abandoned to live short and penible lives. Cats are notoriously difficult to pill. Just feed them good food, give clean water and they will be okay until they find a good home. Good luck to all your babies.


  4. Reading about their sharp little claws reminded me of the last cat we had, who, when she was a kitten, liked to run up my legs (bare, because it was summer) and try to cling on to the ends of my shorts/skirt. Ouch! Sadly I haven’t been able to persuade Mr Decisive that a kitten would be a useful addition to our home, so I’m afraid that I will not be asking you to Fedex a cat to me.


  5. Adorable—all of them. . .keep them—it’s what you get for leaving Scooby Doo behind—
    And you need to get them the liquid medicine which you put in (their little mouths that is) with a little syringe. . .
    I do believe you may be redeemable of heart after all 🙂
    ciao ciao bella pecora


    • After Mish Mash ran up Mrs Sensible’s leg even her future is now uncertain (see above comment) Regarding the little syringe, the last time I tried to open Mish mash’s mouth I nearly lost a finger. I have left the administration of medication to Mrs Sensible.


  6. I refuse to give my cat pills. If his medication doesn’t come in a syringe (and administered by the vet) or a bottle I refuse it. I’ve had enough of lacerated arms, fingers and pullovers.

    I hope you find lovely kind owners for the kitties. 🙂


  7. Thanks for the fit of giggles – you made my day. Plastic legs syndrome is indeed dangerous for pregnant women – I’m speaking from experience.
    I’m reading this too late in the game, but in the future, if you need a safe method to get a pill down a cat without being scratched to ribbons, here is MM’s foolproof method that got Murphy rumbled when he was little. You will need one thick top with long sleeves (I use my dressing gown), one cat and one pill. Method: 1. Stick cat headfirst down sleeve until head pops out of end. 2. Wrap clothing around cat to prevent claws from sticking through. 3. Stick finger and thumb in corners of cat’s mouth, open, stick tablet at base of tongue, close cat’s mouth immediately and hold shut whilst stroking throat with other hand. 4. Cat swallows. Release cat. Repeat as necessary.


  8. Just returned from Sicily yesterday, mainly the Vittoria area. We saw many feral cats, but the feral dogs seem to have disappeared from their roadside haunts. Has there been a campaign to eradicate them?

    And what’s with the new 50-KPH speed limit for cars on major roads? (For you Americans, 50-KPH is 32-MPH speed limit.) That is so slow as to be dangerous. Also, many new automatic speed-checking cameras on the roads, and many new ZTL area in towns. These are lethal to tourists in rental cars as you only get a ticket months later.


  9. A couple of moths ago, my student asked me to take care of her kitten for one week. She made me decide on what name to give. My sis and I were listening to Michael Buble at the time so we named the cat after him. I learned so much from taking care of him, and I miss him so much.


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