Telecom Italia, you have just got to…..

Telecom Italia you have just got to love them hate them.



Yesterday I once again pestered Mrs Sensible to phone Telecom Italia. I waited until she was sat down and drinking her cup of tea before I started.

She had a another really interesting conversation with Telecom Italia about our unusual postal address (They agree with my version of our address, so I am starting to like them). They did ask Mrs S which of the two address they now have for our telephone line, we live at… šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

The latest update is they will test our line to see if I can have broadband, this will take place between now and the end of the month. It takes so long because they have a ‘specialist line tester’ !!!!

38 thoughts on “Telecom Italia, you have just got to…..

  1. Cooo, how exciting! If I were you I’d write to Father Christmas – maybe Italia Telecom check if you’ve been a good boy before the line tester steps in. Weird stuff, because in France you just type your number into the internet provider’s site, and they tell you right away.
    By the way, i love the term “Tinternet”, it reminds me of Peter Kay sketches. Oh, bugger, now it’s public, MM watches Peter Kay videos.


  2. A specialist line tester? I’ve never heard of that one before. I’m envious! I think I’d like to call myself a specialist too… Just have to figure out what first šŸ˜‰


  3. could you just put a giant inflatable gorilla out front, and tell them to drive in the general area until they find it? then they will have arrived at your house, and the street number and name will be irrelevant.


  4. You know PN, you could try smoke signals. Never heard of the specialist line tester before!! I’ve heard them (or rather Tele2) say that they will test my line but never actually seen one.
    As for them finding your house, maybe you could put a great big RED X on it.
    I wonder how much wine and how many pizzas you’ll get through before they arrive? If they do!!! Oh dear I hope you have a well stocked cellar!!!


  5. Here in Ireland we have the same situation. Eircom sends a specialist to check the distance from the pole and your line. If the line is too far from the hub, you can’t get their broadband.. OTOH, I know several people with *two* separate lines from the same pole. One line will allow internet, the other line is said to be too far away. I’ll ask the specialist, Eamonn, what his cousin Gianni thinks about the problem.

    PS: Keep the two ginger cats. I’m told gingers work as good as horns to keep malocchio away.


    • It is mad here, we have a phone line that is disconnected but we can receive and make calls. Their website says our line is configured for broadband but they need to send a man to check if it is. And they are now as confused as me as to our correct address


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