Citizenship quest (part 1)

I have officially started my quest for Italian Citizenship, the first step in what will no doubt be A Titanic Success, you might have noticed I have stole that particular phrase from Boris The Foreign Secretary, who regularly opens his mouth, to change feet.

The first step on my quest, was to write to Disclosure Scotland and request a copy of my criminal record. To be honest I am a little surprised at what they managed to drag up.But at least they earned their £25.00


I wonder if Sal has started her application? We were going to race each other.

Next Step, finding things like marriage certificates and birth certificates….

14 thoughts on “Citizenship quest (part 1)

  1. Oh boy. Good luck with your citizenship endeavors.

    Especially after what just happened in America. Hmm, how many would want to become Canucks now?


  2. Alas the process is no better here in France – with the added benefit that the system all but collapsed under the strain of the first 5 additional applications following the BREXIT vote.


    • Ha Ha Ha, I am not sure many people are applying for Italian citizenship, when I tell my Italian friends they exclaim WHY!!!

      If I am accepted, I get a nice photo taken stood next to the Mayor


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