What Makes Expats Grumpy?

In May I received a message from my contact page from a really nice lady called Rossi Thompson. She said she was writing an article for the Daily Telegraph on What makes Ex Pats Grumpy, she asked me if I would like to contribute..

Would I like to contribute!!!! I immediately reached for my muse (a glass of vino rosso).

An Englishman in Italy is in the news

An Englishman in Italy is in the news

As I sipped my glass of wine, I pondered what is it that makes me grumpy. I didn’t think not being able to find my flip flops would be earth shattering news, Nor would her readers be interested that being asked to cook the evening meal made me grumpy (I tried to get out of cooking by cremating everything, unfortunately Mrs Sensible soon cottoned on)

Chicken marinated in a light tomato sauce

Chicken marinated in a light tomato sauce.

With the deadline looming I asked Mrs S, what makes me grumpy. If you are married you will realise this is not a question you should ever ask your spouse. Out of the 487 items she listed before I suddenlyย switched off and went deaf I chose three items and if you want to read what they are please click this link.

I would like to thank Rossi for asking me to contribute and I would also like to thank the editor for not deleting my submission,.

Rossi Writesย http://www.rossiwrites.com/

Rossi’sย Facebook page

Telegraph Article

24 thoughts on “What Makes Expats Grumpy?

  1. Your driving licence experience was definitely up there with major aggro issues.

    What makes us grumpy in my house is the woeful internet connection. This is not particular to France or course, but it just so happens that the sector of the village where I live has a rubbish connection.

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  2. I thought of you last weekend while watching the movie “Jupiter Ascending”….okay, not the best flick in the world but they have a bureaucracy scene that from your descriptions could have been filmed in Italy. Yes, on another planet. Maybe it was a lesson in “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” I can hardly wait till it’s my turn. At least if I’m living in Venice I shouldn’t need a driver’s license.

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  3. OK- Apart from the several months it takes to get ANYTHING done here I’m p***ed with our neighbours
    They’re nice people but because they’ve observed the huge range of practical skills we have they are constantly asking for us to help them out. The other day she was waiting at the back of her house for us to come home from shopping and calls “come here for a minute” Well, one and a half hours later involving sump oil, tools and spark plugs…..:(((

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  4. Thank you, Peter, for your kind words, the links to my blog and social media and above all for your witty quote for my article. With regards to the mosquitoes, we are currently in Bulgaria and I have been eaten alive, my husband hasn’t been touched, which is funny because when we are in Italy the opposite thing happens. He gets all the bites, I am usually spared. Best wishes, Rossi ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. OMG!!! You really are famous now. Please, may I have you autographed photograph? (I can sell it for heaps of money on ebay!) How many bottles of wine will it take to bribe you?

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  6. I get the best laughs every time I read one of your posts. I must say that you have kept a stiff upper lip while adjusting to living in Italy and it seems by seeing the funny and inane rules, regulations and, laws.

    It would have driven me bananas while trying to cope. I think Mrs S. has the right idea. Move back to GB where there is a bit of rationale and sanity.


  7. Congratulations on being featured in the article! I enjoyed reading and appreciate how you ended with your love of Italy, despite some blips on the radar….It was always interesting to me how you really do take your whole kitchen with you in Italy!
    PS: You are a winetaster? How exciting!
    Buon weekend,


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