Don’t hold your breath but…………

Mrs Sensible is full of very sensible advice, this advice normally goes in my right ear and exits out my left ear and unfortunately doesn’t spend much time in the space in-between my ears.

In one ear and out the other

Mrs Sensible’s advice normally has a huge impact on my behavior

Occasionally I am reminded of her wonderful advice, times like when I entered the house with an armful of logs for the fire wearing my flip flops, skidded across the floor, slid just past the steps to the cellar and ended up in an untidy heap, I am sure I could hear her say “put some shoes on when it is wet, don’t go out in your flip flops. But today I followed her advice and managed to surprise even myself!   On Friday morning, I was enjoying a scalding hot shower and as the steam slowly but surely filled the room, I could hear a voice somewhere in-between my ears say “please open the window when you shower or we will have mould” I decided to open the window, not because of the mould but because I couldn’t see where the soap, the towel or even the old naked man, whose reflection normally makes me think of restarting my diet, so I opened the window and as the steam rushed outside who should I see but Mr Telecom Italia in his little red van, stopped just outside our gate. Dun dun duuunnn!

Little red van

Proof that we have a telephone.

His paperwork obviously said number 2 not number 13 as stamped on the side of our house; (the address issue is too complicated to relate here so go read this). Mr technical Telecom man was looking at his piece of paper and at the number on our house, which didn’t match. I was desperately trying to find a towel in my mini steam room and shout to Mrs S  to run outside and grab him before he drove away.

Number 13 unlucky for some everybody

Number 13 unlucky for some everybody

We have waited 3 months for the technician to arrive at our house and evaluate if we can have fast internet access. After establishing that our house existed, he asked if our telephone worked, we said yes “good good good” he said you will have your connection in 20 days.

The highs and lows of dealing with Telecom Italia

The highs and lows of dealing with Telecom Italia

Of course this is 20 Italian days which in reality will means another 2 to 3 months, if we are lucky.

59 thoughts on “Don’t hold your breath but…………

  1. Hysterical! You so vividly painted a portrait of the day’s events! Steam, window, red van, confusion!! I hope that number 13 will indeed be lucky for you and you’ll get your internet pronto e presto!!!
    Thanks for making me smile on this chilly, rainy day in NYC!
    Saluti a tutti voi!

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  2. I almost jumped up and down in excitement too but I didn’t want to scare the cat or the upstairs neighbors with what they might think is an earthquake.
    Congratulations on opening the window at the exact correct moment….and finding a towel so you didn’t scare away the technician….or get arrested…..or…..


      • I have to remember….it is Italy and it probably wouldn’t be the first time the technician was startled by someone so excited to see them that they forgot their clothes. Since it sounds like you already knew t was a man maybe you should have sent out Mrs. Sensible in some state of undress.
        And if I were you I would hide the wooden spoon before I made that suggestion.


  3. … I do hope you realise that for every new rural internet connection that Telecom “short blanket” Italia install, they pull the plug on at least half a dozen other urban internet users. So basically you’re about to ruin quite a few Christmases and New Years … 😉

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  4. Reminds me of what it used to be like in India years ago. We applied for 2 landlines, with my Dad and my elder brother as applicants in 1980. Technician showed up with work order and demand for bakshish to connect the junction box at the house to the main junction down the street to complete the connection in 1994.

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    • 🙂 These things happen from time to time. I think it was last Christmas when the christmas tree attacked me as I was trying to carry it down the stairs. It was a miracle I survived


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