Pecora Nera and Mrs Sensible now live at different addresses

We have now been living in our new house for just over 2 months, Mrs Sensible still can’t find many of the things that I packed! After a talking to by Mrs S, I have promised myself that I will be a good boy and be a little more organised, so I trotted of to the bank and gave them our new address, Mrs Sensible went to the gas and electric companies and did the same.

Poste Italian surprised us by finding the house and delivered 2 Electric Bills and a birthday present for Mrs Sensible all the way from England.


Poste Italia, as organised as anything can be in Italia

Poste Italia, as efficient as anything can be in Italia!

A week ago Mrs Sensible visited the local council offices to formally tell them, they now have a Black Sheep resident in their little village. When she returned home, she had a little surprise for me, the address we have given everybody is wrong, not wrong as in slightly wrong but wrong as in a completely different address. I suppose that is why Poste Italia managed to deliver our mail.


Pecora Nera in trouble

Our village now has a black sheep living there.

Our house has a number 13 nailed to the wall, and I believe the road name is Old Mill (translated) The council claim our house should have the number 2 nailed to the wall and the road is called Green Leaves (again translated). Mrs Sensible with her infinite wisdom is following the council’s advice and filling out all her official forms using the address 2 Green Leaves. I on the other hand prefer to use the address 13 Old Mill, not because I am a black sheep, but because Poste Italia thinks that is where I live.


The woman at our post office does not look like this

The woman at our post office does not look like this


To date no letters have arrived for Mrs Sensible at 2 Green Leaves, so either nobody is writing to her or……. She might be wrong!!!!!


Mrs Sensible was last proved wrong....

Mrs Sensible was last proved wrong….

It won’t be the first time she has been proved to be wrong, but I think Halley’s Comet was passing close by the last time I proved it.

37 thoughts on “Pecora Nera and Mrs Sensible now live at different addresses

  1. That queue (Imagine a queue in Italy!), is so typical of Italian Post Offices. I swear I aged 2 years, waiting to buy a stamp.

    Does Mrs Sensible read your posts? You may join Halley’s Comet when she casts her eyes on this one. It’s been really nice knowing you.


    • She does read the posts but she has been very busy getting organised for the beginning of the new school term. She has a new lot of chilblains to teach.

      I think she is 3 posts behind so I am safe for the moment 😉

      PS. Do you want a pussy cat? We have been invaded by 5 kittens so you can have either:- Mish Mash, Houdini or Runt. I am keeping Hairy and Mrs S want’s to keep the scabby Ginger cat.


      • No, but thanks for the most kind offer. I am going into intense training for the next monthly application of flea medication to the Monster Who Poses as a Cat. You might like her as a companion to Hairy.

        Anyhow, that’s good you’re going to have the pitter-patter of tiny cat claws at either of the addresses where you live.


  2. We have a similar problem here. Before house numbers are assign by officialdom, the address is street, quadra (blobk), lote. Problem is our street has 2 quadra, hence 2 lotes 18, my taxis always go to the other house… 😦



  3. We should throw you a “welcome to your new home” party–like the showers (aka parties) we give here in the US when people are getting married, having babies or moving into a new home—- guests are to bring gifts for the new home—let me think best how to organize such a fete at such a distance and as to which address will work best for the invitations—I will put Scooby Do top on the list to be invited. . .

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  4. When I last flew out of Italy, on a Tuesday, the airline lady insisted on changing my seat…..apparently on Tuesdays, the number 17 is unlucky….in Italy.


  5. Hi PN 😀 It’s great to see wherever you have moved to is a wealth of treasures for your posts. My apartment has 3 addresses. House number on the street, Electricity Co. and Land Registry all different. The Land Registry reckons I live 3 floors up in a Spanish field and I have property deeds to prove it !


  6. Is your mail delivered by android, zombie, ghosts, or by tube like in NYC and London in the good old days? ask il postino/la postina … if it’s Benigni he certainly would know, his fast brain memorized La Divina Commedia – I cannot vouch for la postina but she may at least be pretty…
    Attenta eh, Signora S. !…..


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