44 thoughts on “No words needed

  1. If Mishmash is a boy it could benefit from a small operation at the veterinarian … and a visit as well to see what might be wrong. Cats do not do squidgies on the floor unless something is not right in their health or in their lives – but I know that you take good care of these two felines – so maybe affection rivalry is at play ?? …


      • Neutering is done regularly here in the US and it makes for much more tranquil male cats and dogs, less roaming, no fights, and longer life. The females also live longer, they are never physically stressed by giving birth repeatedly. On the males the surgery is almost invisible, you can hardly tell. I think that Europe lags behind in this.


  2. NOT clever, PN. Now tell me what the cat did. 😀 No, seriously. If it’s really squidgy then Misk mash has mashed up innards, maybe if he/she drank milk? (cats are lactose intolerant – the only time my cat did that it was because my neighbour was giving him saucers of milk).

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    • I think it was a revenge squidgy. Mrs S and I were watching a film when a noxious cloud appeared. I accidentally looked at Mrs S, with just a trace of suspicion in my eyes. She exclaimed that it wasn’t her and I knew it wasn’t me.
      The cat that nearly caused a domestic… sat purring next to us. So I took the cat to one side to discuss the consequences of farting in the house.

      When I returned to the sofa and Mrs Sensible (who was still indignant and bristling a little) the cat wandered into the kitchen and left a message.

      To be honest I don’t know how squidgy it was because I refused to get too close. The cat stiil occasionally farts and I know not to blame Mrs Sensible.

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    • Hi Sarah. There were 5 savage kittens at the back of my garage. Mrs S picked one and I picked another, the remaining cats we found homes for. Unfortunately my cat is well….. a bad kitty. Mrs Sensible’s cat purrs and is well behaved mine is pure naughty and if it managed to get upstairs I am sure ut would leave a squidgy just ti show it out foxed me


  3. Years ago I adopted a cat named Pinto….they said it was because she was full of beans….which tends to be a way of saying she likes to get into trouble. Well, we soon found out that is not why she got that name. She was a wonderful loving cat but would be sitting quietly on your lap and there would be the most horrible smell. It didn’t help to banish her outside as the smell was already there. We tried changing her food and nothing worked. Even took her to the vet but he could find nothing wrong. Seems some cats, like people, are prone to smelly gas. She never left a squidgy though.
    So Mishmash having gotten psychic lessons from Scooby Doo is keeping up the harassment of the black sheep!


  4. Oh get over it, Pec! The cat is an animal with fewer brain cells which means that we as humans are supposed to be superior and not make messes. I think sometimes it might be the other way around. Pets are good but they have accidents the same as toddlers and even grown people.

    I’m glad that you are still living in a warm house and the cat/s as well. Just put out more litter boxes and keep them clean


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