Click oops!!

One of our neurotic hens woke me at 6 this morning, it was laying a remarkably large egg and decided to shout about it; this started Gilda, the remarkable fat, but short-legged dog barking. Between the two of them it became impossible to sleep. So I gave up all hopes of a Saturday morning snooze and spent 10 mins trawling my wordpress reader.

If it wakes me up again at the weekend we will have a talk over Sunday dinner

If it wakes me up again at the weekend we will have a talk over Sunday dinner

And I found a great photo titled The eye’s (or rather eye) have it By  THE NUMPTY WITH A CAMERA AND A LAPTOP  for the latest wordpress Photo Challenge.

I have a nice camera, in fact two years ago I bought myself a Canon 1000D. I carefully wrapped the prezzie in Christmas paper and added a tag with the words : Love from Mrs Sensible, thereby giving both of us a surprise on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately none of my photos are ever likely to match one of Steve Currry’s who is the master of photography.

However, today I have entered the wordpress photo challenge with the following photo, and after careful deliberation I have titled the photo Click oops!

Click, oops

Click, oops

Because, I was leaving the house with the camera in my hand, when the damn thing when off, nearly blinding me with the flash.

69 thoughts on “Click oops!!

  1. You get two LOLs. One for the camera misfire (which created a remarkable clear shot!) and one for buying yourself a gift but “giving” it to your beloved!! You are one creative blogger!


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  3. Oh so you have chickens that lay eggs. Consider yourself lucky that you live where you can have fowl that cackle and not some neighborhood Biddy busy body that cackles. You get eggs form a fowl that are fresh and not foul from the market. How marvelous is that?


      • Do you mean these will become “chicken soup for a an Englishman?” I abhor the thought. Poor hens that will be cast not aside but put on the chopping block. I kept all my chickens until eventually they all succumbed to old age. But I also realize that not everyone feels the same about a chicken. 🙂


        • Oh I am sorry 😦 These hens are not really seen as pets, we have hens in the spring just for the freezer and hens we keep for 3 year ish for eggs. On the positive side they are free range have a huge area to run around in. Their bedroom is bigger than mine.

          The pets are the two daft dogs and Scoobydoo, a neigbour’s cat that arrives most nights at 9.30 and meows outside the bedroom window until Mrs Sensible feeds him


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  6. We did the same type of camera “gift” to each other a few years ago, and often have the same issue with the “meh” types of photos. And when the child gets ahold of the camera there is no telling what you might find for pictures later – at least it’s all digital now.


  7. Great photo! I have several accidental ones of my knees.
    As for your chicken, I hope you learned a lesson about antagonizing the great chicken spirits after reading my post ‘Chickens Never Forget’. You too, will be plagued by zombie chicken carcasses.


  8. great shot!! and shoot the bloody chicken too! (roast dinner tonight)…… gosh I’ve been away a few weeks and have a lot of catching up reading your blog. What’s happening with the book, wasn’t it supposed to be published in Feb (last Feb or next year?…)


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