Click oops!!

One of our neurotic hens woke me at 6 this morning, it was laying a remarkably large egg and decided to shout about it; this started Gilda, the remarkable fat, but short-legged dog barking. Between the two of them it became impossible to sleep. So I gave up all hopes of a Saturday morning snooze and spent 10 mins trawling my wordpress reader.

If it wakes me up again at the weekend we will have a talk over Sunday dinner

If it wakes me up again at the weekend we will have a talk over Sunday dinner

And I found a great photo titled The eye’s (or rather eye) have it By  THE NUMPTY WITH A CAMERA AND A LAPTOP  for the latest wordpress Photo Challenge.

I have a nice camera, in fact two years ago I bought myself a Canon 1000D. I carefully wrapped the prezzie in Christmas paper and added a tag with the words : Love from Mrs Sensible, thereby giving both of us a surprise on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately none of my photos are ever likely to match one of Steve Currry’s who is the master of photography.

However, today I have entered the wordpress photo challenge with the following photo, and after careful deliberation I have titled the photo Click oops!

Click, oops

Click, oops

Because, I was leaving the house with the camera in my hand, when the damn thing when off, nearly blinding me with the flash.

weekly photo challenge: unique

This post was inspired by a fellow blogger called “I used to be indecisive” who posted this post.

I normally blog about Italy and humour, but a change is as good as a rest, so here are a few unique photos of Italy.

Mr TreeEnglishman in Italy

Mr Tree 

Nearly everyday I drive past this tree. I wonder how many children have nightmares because of Mr Tree, or are told behave or Mr Tree will get you.

Balloon Car

Balloon Car

I spotted this car in  Catania, Sicily. I love it.



This is Lucy, one of my daughters. She is completely unique and very special.

Veronica a Unique little girl

Veronica a unique little girl

And finally, Veronica a very special and unique little girl. Here she is in Milan walking with the help of her papa. Despite her disabilities (she has cerebral palsy) she is always smiling. Veronica was born one month before Mrs Sensible and I married. It was in her papas restaurant (sadly now closed), that I met Mrs Sensible.

If there is anyone out there in cyberland who has a huge heart, and wants to make a difference to a unique and special girl, or for those of you in Italy, who can give 5% per thousand of their tax to a worthy charity. Please spare 5 minutes to have a look at Veronicas web site. Then open your wallet and spread a little happiness.

Normal humour will return next week.