Fresh off the press! Blacksheep orders salad.

Today has been one of those days that most teachers only dream of. My class one, a bunch of little munchkins aged 6 who I worked with last year while they were in nursery were as always, amazing. I love them to bits. In fact I have almost run out of gold stars.

After class one, I move to class two, a class with some ‘interesting’ children in the mix. I have to admit in the past I have been rather big headed I have uttered the phrase “I enjoy a naughty child in my class… it is easy to teach good kids, but a real teacher, inspires and teaches the children who have problems” Well that came back to bite me didn’t it.

I have to admit, this could have been me at school

For a number of reasons, this weekend has been a difficult one, but on Sunday I found time to sit down with a glass of whisky and consider the past and the future…. Including life’s little problems. I have decided to make a number of changes to my life, and I have also decided to try something different with my disruptive student in Class two.

Honest, I only had one

Fortunately, it worked, we had a fabulous lesson. You teachers out there know there isn’t one solution to a problem . At the end of the lesson I asked him for his diary / school planner, he looked mortified! Why? Because most teachers in the schools I work in, only send messages home that include words and phrases such as naughty, wont do as he/ she is told etc.

I decided to write, your son worked incredibly hard in my class, his behaviour was fantastic. The boy and I translated it into Italian. The hug he gave me was worth all the crap days I have had to deal with in this particular lesson. To celebrate I went to one… yes one of my favourite restaurants for lunch / afternoon.

They have a new waitress, she said, and I quote “ vuoiuninsalatamistaconiltuoroastbeef? I decided she had offered me mixed vegetables and so I said yes….

What arrived with my roast beef was a plate of mixed salad! Uffa! I decided it was obviously my fault, and was already trying to decided if it would block the toilet if I decided to dispose of them. High five to all you salad dodgers.

Pina, the owner arrived to say hi. Hi Peter. Wow che bravo, insalata!

Really, Salad! Do I look like a rabbit?

Pina, it was a mistake, I thought she said vegetables not salad.

Pina laughed and said, she would change them for me, Bless her, I am fortunate to have some really good friends, and hopefully the child who I know has problems at home, will also come to see me as a friend.

Happy Monday to all my friends in bloggo land, I hope you Monday was as good as mine.

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