A voice is silenced.

This blog is not known for being political or religious, although I am sure I could have a bit of fun with both. However I do try to be a good boy, sometimes.

While I am driving to school, I usually listen to the Today program on the good ole BBC radio 4. I especially love listening to the weather forecast as I put on my sunglasses ‘there will be scattered showers over most of the UK, especially Wales and later there may be some sunshine with some cloud cover’. It always brightens my day.

British Summer

At the moment, the main topic in the news (I nearly mentioned Boris and Trump) is Chat GPT. I had no idea what it was, First thoughts were it is a new motor racing circuit. But it is nothing as interesting as that. It is one of those bots that you talk to when you telephone your bank or utility company normally when you have a problem and they don’t want to talk to you.. Maybe not your bank, but I am sure I am talking to one at my bank.

I am still not sure what it is

Anyway, Italy has officially banned their use in Bella Italia, Whoop Whoop Hooray. I am trying to find out who decided to ban them and why. I owe the person a drink. After a lot of research, my understanding is, they are liable to spread misinformation and lets be honest. Living in Italy is complicated enough, without misinformation to make it worse. Erm, my information probably came from….. a bot.


I think the final straw came when one bot, who shall remain nameless suggested Pineapple and Ham as a topping on Pizza is perfectly acceptable in Italy. Or Heinz canned Spag Bog is the staple diet of most Italian teenagers. I have to admit, I ate a lot of Heinz Spag Bog on toast in my youth. I even keep a couple of cans to prove to my students that Spag Bog in a can does exist. My students still don’t believe you can get freshly made pasta with a scrummy meaty sauce out of a can!!

I have enough trouble using my poor grasp of the Italian language with a real person, let alone a bot. Do they understand hand signals. Please tell me.

And a brief shout out to all you teachers who have been praying for Easter to arrive. I have never needed a holiday as bad as I need this one.

Happy Easter

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