A Blacksheep goes a Glamping.

A damsel in distress phoned me and asked if I could come to her rescue. Ok I might be over exaggerating a little bit. I supposed what really happened was Jill said, “want to come to my gaff and help me put up a pergola in the garden, come for a couple of days and try out the new Gypsy Caravan” Sure why not, will I have to share the Gypsy Caravan with a gypsy who has wild hair and bells on her ankles and plays the tambourine?

Jill and Millie’s New Gypsy Caravan. I don’t see any bells on their ankles…

Unfortunately and much to my disappointment, there wasn’t a wild gypsy in sight.

Jill and her daughter Millie built this Gypsy Caravan from scratch during the pandemic lockdown. And Glamping, well it is Glamorous-Camping. On Jill’s Glamping site, she also has a Beautiful Hobbit House, I have stayed there a couple of times before the pandemic.

So back to the damsel in distress, I managed to start the chain saw and we cut and screwed the pergola together, often arguing as to who got to climb the ladder and be in charge of the electric screwdriver, I only nearly fell off the ladder once.

The scabby dog wouldn’t move.

And then we settled down to the serious job of drinking a nice bottle of prosecco, followed by a nice pizza in the local village, another bottle of red and then I think another couple of glasses back at the house. Fortunately, there are solar powered lights hanging in the trees and along the path to the Gypsy Caravan so I managed to stagger down to my bed, did I mention we also tasted a little Brandy as we laughed and put the world to rights…

Jill and Millie building the Gypsy Caravan

Day two, I tried to start the chain saw so we could cut down a couple of small trees to finish the pergola, despite me cursing the machine and threatening to bury it down the garden, it wouldn’t start. Jill even had a go at trying to start it, I will be honest, I was silently praying under my breath that she didn’t manage to start it.

So armed with a little handsaw and wearing flip-flops we went out into the wilds of her land in search of a couple of thin straight trees we could cut down.

Sorry Jill, but I like this picture.

I got prickled to death and I complained bitterly about it. Jill promised me I could use the wonderful bath they have on site. As I was cutting down the trees and trying to find my lost flip-flop I was imagining relaxing under the stars with a glass of wine after a the hard days work, but some how we forgot (I think we opened some more wine) and so you now get to see Jill in the bath and not me, which I am sure is better.

Miss Jill having a bath

To finish here are a couple of photos of the Hobbit House.

The wonderful Hobbit House
Inside the Hobbit House

I am not sure which is my most favourite place to sleep, the Hobbit House is wonderful, however if by chance there had been a Gypsy in the Caravan, it would probably have tipped it for me. If you want to spend a relaxing time in the hills of Emilia-Romagna contact Jill, she will also cook some divine food for you, if you ask nicely.

How to find Jill Link

Air BnB Hobbit House Link

Air BnB Gypsy Wagon Link

Thanks to Jill for a couple of days of pure fun and next time sort out a wild gypsy woman for me.

17 thoughts on “A Blacksheep goes a Glamping.

  1. Scabby dog? That little old lady β€˜Piglet’ is 16 years old and most of my guests mention her in reviews because she is such a friendly pup. Next time she will join you in your chosen cabin and then you will see how lovely she is πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is a Scabby dog. I have a confession to make. When I was trimming one of the thinned poles on the top of the pergola. The cut piece fell in between the Scabby dog and one of your hens. The dog didn’t even blink, however the hen scuttled off to lay an unexpected egg…


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