English Summer Camp

I don’t normally use my blog to advertise anything, however. I have decided to organise a summer camp this June. Our first camp was in 2016, it was a modest but fun camp with two massive tents lent to me by the local civil protection.

We are in the Army now!
Stand by your beds

24 hours before our 2018 camp, the local civil protection decided that they had forgotten about our camp. Strange as I had reminded them at the beginning of the month and a week before our camp. Mind you this is Italy and one expects the unexpected.

After a sleepless night, I chased around Decathlon buying up their stock of tents.

We managed to erect the tents, without too much swearing.
Tent Captains

We make our camp a fun and safe environment where the children can not only learn English, but also learn lots of other skills, such as team building, how to screen print a T-Shirt or how to build a rocket propelled by vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Each child screen printed their own T-Shirt
Houston, We have a problem

And sometimes a trip to the bird sanctuary, which was absolutely amazing.

2018 Camp

We are based in Asti in Italy camp dates 4th to 9th July, I am also helping to organise a camp in Bologna in June. So send your children to my camp and go and have a romantic week away with your loved one.

Camp details at English Summer Camp

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