Skool is nearly closed for Christmas.

Last week, I realised my six year old students are much better at drawing than I am, it is a sad state of affairs when I am beaten by a class of six year olds. I love teaching Munchkins (little people) they are like sponges, they absorb everything and they behave impeccably for me. We were learning basic vocabulary for toys. As I drew each toy, the kids were making several guesses at to what I was attempting to draw..

Maria: It is a Teddy Bear.

Sara: Nah, It is scary

Mario: Could it be a doll.

Kids: Nah!

What a job I have, I get to draw with chalk every day.

As you can see, my little students drawings are far superior.

Maria is a budding artist

During December I launch the ‘Design My Christmas Card Competition’. The competition is open to all the children from Class 5 (age 10) across the schools I work with. Normally I sit down with a glass of wine and with a couple of friends, we judge the cards and choose a winner, or this year, two winners. The winning cards are currently on display at my local bar. 200 of each have been printed so that I can give them to my friends and students in the schools.

If you look carefully, you can see Alessia (the barmaid) trying to hide behind the bar.

This year I agreed to work with two nursery schools, to all nursery teachers.. how do you manage to keep your sanity and keep the munchkins engaged? I am only working with the nurseries until February and then I will need a long holiday..

Ok, I admit it, I love working with the little ones.

Unfortunately, one of the schools I work with has closed due to a Covid outbreak. The nursery that stayed open asked me to take a Covid test before this weeks lesson. Argh

Covid Test

I really hate Covid tests, and not only did they shove the swab so far up my nose that my ear started to itch, but I had to sit outside in the cold (minus 3 degrees) while they processed my test. Fortunatly I was negative.

Testing station

Comfy chairs socially distanced in the cold…

I will leave you with my Snowman, as you can see my sculpturing prowess is about as good as my skill at drawing.

Slush the Snowman

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