To Badante or not to Badante

Last Wednesday was my birthday. It was an important birthday, because I have decided I am now officially old.

My Birthday Cake

You can’t tell how old I am, because I have removed the candles. However, it is sufficient to say I am now old. Following my birthday I sat down with a glass of whisky and reviewed my life…

The conclusion I came too was, I am now old enough to have a badante (care giver).

Hello is there anyone at home.

In Italy it is almost a tradition to organise a badante for your parents. It is also much better than putting them in an old peoples home, which is also more expensive.

So now the search is on for a suitable badante,

Jim and his Badante

Fortunately I am not as old as Jim, and like him, I want a badante who not only makes sure I am presentable in the morning, but I also have some euros in my top pocket for my glass of ‘medicinal’ wine at lunch time.

One of my friends has just informed me, that if I get a good lawyer, he will put a good case forward and the Italian state will pay for my badante. Happy Days

So while you in Bloggo Land and worrying about Brexit and Christmas, I am going to hot foot it down to the lawyers office and see what is possible.

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