18 thoughts on “#Brefugee

  1. Trumpfugees, that is a good one. No joke about that. We are doomed if the bullish, pouty, mouthy man with juvenile behavior gets elected.

    I like your T-shirt. I think we need some shirts over in the US that says Trumpfugees. πŸ™‚

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  2. Trumpfugees? Oh boy, no joke about that.

    Sometimes to me it feels like “fuck logic” when I have seen people who “Love Europe, hate the EU”, and yet support the insane toupeed man, who actually might nuke Europe – in his words, β€œEurope is a big place, I’m not going to take my cards off the table.”

    I know that EU has its share of Mr. Cretinos, but unlike the orange man, I don’t think they’d be scheming to start a nuclear holocaust.


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