Vodka Jelly, Grappa Cakes and Tequila Surprise 

  To all my blogger friends, I am having a little party tonight to celebrate another birthday milestone. You are all invited either in Italy or here in bloggo land.
PS Mrs Playmo is down in the cellar checking if there is enough wine…. or at least that is what she should be doing

Baci tutti

52 thoughts on “Vodka Jelly, Grappa Cakes and Tequila Surprise 

  1. PN, please make sure that Mrs Playmo makes it back up the stairs without breaking her neck; she’d been boozing in the Playmo mansion all night and was nearly refused access to the playmo plane this morning (a security guard told her that she was walking strangely, and she quite rightly relied that all Playmos walk strangely as their creator forgot to give them knees).

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    • Hi Sarah, old… Mrs S said I should start acting my age, if she means my mental age we are ok 😉 It’s a milestone because it’s the first year I have ever been this old.

      In fact I might consider having a midlife crisis, 😀 or I might wait another year

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  2. Happy Birthday Pecora Nera!!! I just remembered it was indeed your birthday as we do share the same month—I would like some Vino please—red or white–it matters not and some delightful little tasty treat of your choosing from you party selection 🙂
    Thank you!!!

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