Italian Language Flash Cards

I have just finished my third Italian lesson, whoop whoop whoop!! Driving home I considered either uploading the recording as I struggled to read the latest passage which was full of ‘gli’ and ‘gn’ words or uploading the amazingly long list of verbs I have been instructed to learn.


I know some of you read my little blog, because it contains very sensible information onย Italy, for example my post on the cost of living in Italy ย (Link) …. which I have to add is rising.

For those who are desperately trying to learn the language and are struggling just like me, here are some flash cards I have produced to help you.

Italian Flash Card Wine

Italian Language Flash Card

Flash Card Italian

Flash Card Italian Language

Police Italian Flash Card

Have a great weekend…. PN

41 thoughts on “Italian Language Flash Cards

  1. Your posts always put a smile on my face! I went to an Italian language school in Montepulciano for three weeks, thinking it would be a nice vacation! They are serious about learning their language, but I met a lot of great people from everywhere!

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    • Hi Bea, Ok I had to use my trusty Italian / English dictionary to work this one out.
      Sorry you didn’t like the Bidet flash card, the English don’t normally have these fitted in their houses.
      There is a wonderful thread on the Brit expat forum discussing what they are used for. A small sink for children and feet washing were among the replies. But my favourite was the woman who said ” I have tried using the bidet, but the toilet paper sticked to my bum when I tried to dry myself after”


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