RIP Ariston

Dear Friends and Bloggers,

It is with deep sorrow and pain that I inform you of the demise of Ariston. Over the past twelve months Mrs Sensible has cared for Ariston on a daily basis. She made sure he was clean and his needs were met.

Unfortunately Ariston passed away during the early hours this morning. Mrs Sensible discovered Ariston demise, when she went to make some toast for my breakfast and realised that the bread had defrosted.

I was called to the scene and although his light had not gone out, it was apparent that Ariston was indeed dead. All attempts to revive him failed.

We believe the lightning strike that frazzled the internet modem also mortally wounded Ariston.

This evening there will be a wake in memory of Ariston, on the menu will be recently defrosted sausages, fish-fingers and chicken wings.

And so it is with a heavy heart we say goodbye Ariston.

P.S If anyone can suggest a decent replacement for Ariston, Mrs Sensible and I would be grateful. We are considering either a Hotpoint or a Beko RIP

42 thoughts on “RIP Ariston

  1. I did start off thinking it was the dog… ( I never think of cats… ). The brand is unknown here in the Tundra, you see.

    My condolences but hey, it’s a party! How is Mrs S taking it?


    • She is still in mourning, We should have opened one of those insurance policies against sudden loss. Unplugging him was the hardest… just watching his light finally going out… made me weep


  2. I agree with Elaine – sue away – wasn’t the advertising ‘on and on and on and Ariston’? Is nothing sacred any more? Ps the lightening seems to have fried a number of computers here in Umbria too…or is that just the excuse my geometra is giving me….!

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    • Hi John, my laptop survived the Lightning strike and the burglars that broke into my house, the modem following the storm was as dead as a dodo.
      Ariston is still in the house, we don’t know whether to cremate him or bury him.

      I think Elaine is correct, I will sue


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