Christmas truce Scooby Doo and Gilda Style.

Can a Machiavellian cat and an incredibly fat, but short-legged dog call a truce over Christmas?

Two months ago Scooby Doo adopted us and moved into my garage. At the moment he is in arrears with his rent, I sat down with Scooby Doo and discussed his lack of payment; the following day he left half a mouse. Obviously I was less than happy with the payment, so I gave him a stern talking too. The following day Scooby Doo left me a small brown slightly warm lump in the middle of my garage floor. I have left further payment discussions to Mrs Sensible.

I am patiently waiting for NHS Supplies to come and collect their cat

I am patiently waiting for NHS Supplies to come and collect their cat

I am not really a cat person, I like dogs, big dogs that can chase and fetch sticks. I have repeatedly suggested to Mrs Sensible that we should rescue / buy a big daft dog. Mrs Sensible always points out that we have Gilda.

Gilda is the incredible fat but short-legged dog that belongs to Luigina and lives next door.

Gilda in trouble yet again
Gilda in trouble yet again

Link to Gilda 

Gilda and Scooby Doo have a love hate relationship, Scooby Doo hates Gilda and Gilda loves to chase Scooby Doo. In November I posted the pictures of the great cat chase  between Gilda, Lila and Scooby Doo. Sadly earlier this month Lila passed away to doggy heaven.

The great cat chase

The great cat chase

Last week Mrs Sensible shouted me

Mrs S: PN!! Quickly come here.

PN: Nope I am busy. (I think I was catching up on blogs from fellow bloggers either that or I was chilling on the sofa)

Mrs S: You will never believe it, quick where is your camera?

PN: Uffa! It’s here, why?

Mrs S: Quick look out of the window.

And there it was, Scooby Doo and Gilda eating cat food from the same tray. I was not surprised that Gilda was eating cat food, Gilda eats anything, she is the only dog that eats grass because she is hungry and doesn’t barf afterwards.

Gilda and Scooby Doo enjoying a romantic meal together

Gilda and Scooby Doo enjoying a romantic meal together

I was so surprised, I had to check that it was Gilda, so I called her “Yo! fat dog you are supposed to chase the cat” Gilda looked suitably ashamed.

Yo! Fat dog, you are supposed to chase the cat

Yo! Fat dog, you are supposed to chase the cat

Now the real question is, have they called a truce because it is Christmas? Will the truce last till boxing day?

Clearly the fat dog likes cat food

Clearly the fat dog likes cat food

Merry Christmas from Mrs Sensible, myself, Scooby Doo who is in temporary residence and Gilda the incredible fat but short-legged dog.


83 thoughts on “Christmas truce Scooby Doo and Gilda Style.

  1. I’m not a cat person too, like you I prefer dogs, but I’ve really grown fond of Boots (just her not cats in general). Do you think a truce can also happen between Boots and little T’s 3 month old pup called Doc? At the moment, I doubt.. but who knows? Merry Christmas PN and Mrs. S, from my little family to yours 🙂


  2. Houston, PN has a problem. Scooby Doo and Gilda have decided to team up because they share the same territory. The cat has imposed its sovereignty, as cats tend to do. PN is in the doo -doo because now they’re going to move in on Mrs Sensible and do that jungle book snake-eyes routine. Buy that great dane and serve up a plateful of Scooby Doo with ketchup on the side before it’s too late…


  3. This post warmed my heart. Yes, cats and dogs can coexist! This proves it.
    Buon Natale from this cat lover from Seattle, WA who is (big sigh) only temporarily residing in Venice.
    PS…Animal lover really.


  4. I shed a tear at such a wonderful Christmas tail. Maybe they’ll leave you a present of Pooh Sticks ?
    “Peace in our time” some daft UK PM stated. Oh dear, possibly a PN deja vu 😉 Merry Christmas to you both …… if you remember it after tasting the local vino. Ralph 😀


  5. Hallelujah!
    I, for one, am not surprised. I knew all along that Gilda had a kind, cat-loving heart in that fat little body. Scooby Doo could win over anyone…
    RIP Lila. She was such a sweet soul. Even if she did put on a scary face for joggers.
    One week til Christmas, PN!!


    • Hi Donna, it’s me, the scary wife! It’s a shame you’re not here to witness this new friendship. You’d love it!
      Anyway, you know as I do that Gilda was seconding Lilla all the time. She doesn’t chase passers by any more…
      When you go back to Israel, stop over here. Luigina is back in shape and it’d be nice if you could see her one more time. How long before you leave? Miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • That is a great analogy and just like the Germans and the British, once Christmas is over they will fight for the next 4 years. However I might send a screen play to Disney to see if they are interested, original idea by Ksbeth


  6. Dogs and cats getting on? 😯

    It’s unnatural – and worrying !

    May be a sign that they are plotting some mischief together against a common enemy ?

    Watch your back ! 😆


    • Sometimes I wonder if Scooby Doo is a cat. He is very lovable but if he is annoyed he leaves messages around the place, or he lifts his leg and pees on them….

      A friend of ours was stroking Scooby, he was standing on his hind legs with his front paws resting on her leg, she made the mistake of saying “He is a lovely cat very affectionate, but I don’t really like cats much” It was at this point that he extended his claws and sank them in her leg, she let out a scream and Scooby continued to purr.


      • Thank you for this wonderful nugget of a cat story. I am left animal-less in my temporary lifestyle in Bologna, so I happily live vicariously through my friend’s pets, but mostly through the dogs on the street. Well, actually, let’s face it, this is Italy so the dogs are everywhere, so I am never too lonely. 😉

        Also, I feel I Scooby and I are kindred spirits. 🙂

        Thanks again. 🙂


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