Lost your password? Silly boy

 This morning I received an e mail inviting me to make a 30% return on my investment. All I needed to do was click on a link and then enter both my e mail address and e mail password. Duh!!

The scary thing is; the e mail came from a friend (you know who you are 🙂 ) and therefore a trusted e mail address.

I bounced a message to my friend to let her know that her account might have been hacked; I then sat pondering how safe my accounts are.

Every so often I become paranoid regarding internet security and my passwords. I log onto my e mail accounts, bank accounts, amazon, facebook, wordpress oh the list goes on and on and change my passwords with some new and devious password made up of  upper-case letters sprinkled with a few numbers and the odd Ὧ©ⅎ. The passwords become utterly unbreakable, even by me.

I then spend the next 3 weeks filling out the “have you lost your password again, stupid boy,”  just so that I can log into my internet life.

Twit form

Twit form

I have used passwords centred around the names of my children, wife and next doors  extremely fat but short legged sausage dog. I have even tried dates of birth, marriage & birthdays, but boy did it get me into trouble when I  asked Mrs Sensible the date we married.

In the end I have decided to simplify this password nonsense. I have decided to use the same password and phrase on all my accounts , one I won’t forget in a hurry. New password: Yourintroubleagain21

22 thoughts on “Lost your password? Silly boy

  1. I need some advice Pecora Nera. Following your suggestion, I have tried to make my passwords more secure on all my accounts. Trouble is: 1) I don’t have any children and 2)I don’t have a wife 3) I don’t have a next door short-legged sausage dog and (last by not least) 4) I don’t have a Mrs Sensible marriage certificate to hand…. gosh no wonder I got hacked.. 😉


    • When I was in the UK I used the same pin number for all my bank cards. Here in Italy I can’t or maybe don’t know how to change them. So not only do I have lot’s of different internet passwords. I have umpteen pin numbers to remember..


  2. I’m the same, I write them down all over the place then lose the paper I wrote it on. Try P.F’s handy hint for not forgetting your wedding anniversary: use it as your photocopier code. That way he thinks of me every time he hits “copy”. Romantic, huh?


  3. I read somewhere that hackers immmediately try, in this order, “password”, birthdays, anniversaries, close relatives’ names, and pet’s names.
    I always use foul swear words as passwords. Apparenty most hackers are primary school children these days, so probably don’t know this vocabulary yet.


  4. I am always ticking the ‘have you forgotten your password’ box too! I have a sort of a system to help me remember passwords, but it doesn’t always work. The other thing i have trouble with is all the different pin numbers and code numbers I seem to need these days. Pin numbers for bank cards, entry codes on doors at work, alarm codes at home, padlock combinations…. 😦


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