Red Cross Parcel

I get asked what do I miss about the UK. I normally respond nothing just my children who still live in the UK oh and perhaps Fish and Chips and a decent beer.

I don’t miss the rain or the non arrival of summer, I even enjoy the manic Italian driving. Mrs Sensible prefers English roads and drivers. To be honest Mrs Sensible is more British than I am in attitude, I think I have easily slid into the Italian style of life.

I miss everything that is in the picture but my poor suffering children and friends are forced to bring me supplies in their suitcases when they come visiting. Lucy managed to fit all the above in one suitcase and her clothes in her hand luggage. It did cost me a small fortune in Italian summer dresses for her while she was here but it was well worth it.

19 thoughts on “Red Cross Parcel

  1. Wow, can you mention to Lucy tjhat she is absolutely welcome to come to Sicily and will find free board and lodging any time she wants? All I ask is her amazing packing abilities. It would take me at least 5 trips home to smuggle that lot into Italy!!!!
    By the way I notice you haven’t got any PG Tips. Is that because you’ve drunk the lot already?
    Oh, and if it’s not asking too much, could I have one of those bottles of HP sauce? I see you’ve got 3, you can’t really need that much! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Ohhh I think I can spare a bottle for you. I prefer yorkshire tea so she brought me 2 boxes. The only Item I didn’t request is the bottle of Hendersons relish. Hendersons Relish is produced in a very small factory in Sheffield and Lucy thought it would be a nice suprise. Amazingly it is the only item on the table that I can buy at our Italian coop


  3. Marmite? aaaaaaaaah!!!! Marmite? aaaaaahhh Marmite? aaaaaaahhhhhh!! you either love it or hate it, and I certainly DO NOT love it… and what’s with all those heavy paperback that some poor soul has to carry in their limited stingy Ryanair luggage allowance? haven’t you heard of Kindle? ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. And the marmite?
    This repeats itself across cultures. I knew well to-do upper-crust Mexicans who carried THEIR chili pepper, ground, wherever they went, even if they dined in Parisian restaurants; and I have myself been tempted to do that with real-and-true grated Parmesan when eating out in non Italian countries. …


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