Just another average day in Italy

On Monday I received a nice letter warning me that I had forgoten to pay the car tax on my little mini. I think the tax was for 2011 – 2012.  The letter gave me 60 days to pay the tax or I would be charged an additional €7.00 😱 Mrs Sensible gave me 2 days to pay it or face more dire consequences than a mere €7.00

 Every morning she has reminded me once or thrice that the bill is still OVERDUE… 

So this morning I called in at the local post office in Occimiano and tried to pay it, the really helpful woman (NOT), behind the counter told me I needed to fill in the ‘Casuale’, 

Normally you write the bill/invoice  number in Casuale but there wasn’t a bill number so I asked the unhelpful woman if I should write Soris , or Regione Piemonte or car tax? 

She shook her head, and continued to talk to her mother on the phone.

“ok cosa scrivere? ” I probably missed a few words out but I think I said, What should I write? 

She shrugged her shoulders. Of course, I had forgot there is no such thing as customer service in Italy

Google search: Italian Customer Service

With a smile I thanked her for her help and walked out.

Finding a helpful Poste Italiane worker is like finding hens teeth,  for every helpful worker there are at least 23 unhelpful workers. Mind you there are millions of post offices in Italy to choose from.

I decided to try the post office in Terrugia, and the guy was amazing, he filled out the form and took my €270.36. Which means my car is now legally taxed for the year 2011 – 2012. I not sure if I have paid  this years road tax, mind you, it has taken them 5 years to write to me. Maybe I will receive another letter in the year 2022

11 thoughts on “Just another average day in Italy

  1. May I suggest that you go here: http://www1.agenziaentrate.gov.it/servizi/bollo/calcolo/RichiestaPagamentoSemplice.htm

    From here you just enter the data needed about the car or targa.
    If you have postapay you can pay the bollo directly from the poste.it website without paying the 1.87 more.
    I don’t have a credit card that works with this i.e. American Express and neither my Maestro Debit Card works.
    In the end I paid in the Tabacchino.
    To be honest 2011 to 2012 I would have thought would have been a lot more than SEVEN euro!!!!!

    Hope to see you in Salerno one day!!
    Keep up the good work!!

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  2. Oh my. Italian administration sounds almost as efficient as their French counterparts… Our post office lady reads the addresses on your post to see what kind of services she can sell you. She has already suggested that I take an appointment for a mortgage and offered me insurance incase PF falls off his ladder and ends up in a wheelchair. I’m tempted to write to the gynecologist and see what else she comes up with.

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    • Lol,
      There are only 3 houses on our road, a couple of weeks ago I called at our post office to pay a bill and the local postman stopped me and asked if I could take my mail as it would save him a trip, of course I agreed, he then gave me the doctors mail who lives down the road…

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