The mysterious case of the missing pig.

Following the bungled burglary attempt at my house I decided to pay Mrs Sensible a surprised visit. She is spending the summer with her family in Sicily whilst I languish at home surviving on Corn Flakes and Wine.  

I filled my trusty Mini up with Petrol, waved goodbye to my scabby cats and set off on a 1500 Km drive in search of Mrs S and some decent food. To say she was surprised to see me is an understatement (note to self, do this more often).


Scabby cat waving goodbye (3 of Mishmash’s kittens)

 Earlier today Davide (the local carabinieri) who is built like Arnold Schwarzenegger came running down the driveway shouting ” Nuccio, Nuccio Where is Nuccio?

Mrs Sensible told him her father was out. Davide threw his hands in the air and lamented, my pig is missing.


Christmas dinner on four trotters

Davide keeps a herd of sheep, 2 horses and a little black pig in a field behind Nuccios land. Well, he used to have a little black pig.
Pigs are rather quite intelligent and this little black pig realised it had been invited to Davide’s Christmas lunch and made a break for freedom. 

Just before midday, a slightly stressed Davide reappeared with a friend of his. He told us the pig had managed to dig around and under the gate and finally pushed the gate open. They had spotted the pig down by the river but failed to catch it.

The local Carabinieri are trying to track the pig, so the little black pig will be safe for a while.


The carabinieri said the pig is definitely black

So if you are in Sicily and you hear a squeeeel or see a little black pig wandering around, can you please ask the pig to go home or send me a message. 

46 thoughts on “The mysterious case of the missing pig.

    • The little piggy is running around the countryside, Davide found it down by the river late this afternoon, but the pig wouldn’t stand still so Davide drove down to the village to rustle up a posse. When he returned with his friends …… the pig was gone.


  1. Dang that poor black pig/ I hope he eludes capture. Down with roasted pig. As a child, I had one as a pet and I will not eat pork or beef. But to each his own. I now must eat chicken in order to stay healthy, per my doctor’s orders. 🙂 (I was vegetarian and later vegan for many years).

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  2. Smart piggy! Reminds me on my bunnies digging tunnels to escape their cage…but thats another story.
    In our cottage we met from time to time some escaped pigs from the nearby pigfarm (now the farm is closed due to the retirement age of the owner) and it was always fun to see those ones, especially the piglets who ran away by squeezing through the metal bars 🙂

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  3. Makes me think of a sheep I saw a year or two ago. A herd was being transferred from one lorry to another by a mountain café. We were in the café watching. One sheep made a bid for freedom and by the time the sheepdog and men realised it was hot-hoofing it off into the wilds. They were obviously pressed for time so made a half-hearted effort to round it up, then left without it. I wonder how long it survived…


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