The Corn Flake and wine diet and the Expat blog of the month !!

On the 24th of July I devised a new diet plan, it was called the Corn Flakes and Wine Diet, over seven days I managed to lose nearly 3 kilos in weight. Everything was going wonderfully, until somebody who had read about my diet on Facebook, sent a message to Mrs Sensible and pointed out the Corn Flakes and Wine Diet didn’t appear to include any vegetables.

Corn Flakes and Wine Diet

Day one:  all you need is a nice bottle of wine and a box of Corn Flakes

Mrs Sensible is currently in Sicily, spending some quality time with her family, while I cook and fend for myself. I received  a quick phone call where Mrs S  pointed out I needed to add vegetables to my diet, or I would be in trouble.

This posed a significant problem. When I went shopping I bought only the essentials that I thought I would need, the shopping list included sausages and toilet roll but did not include vegetables.  So I hightailed it down to the local shop and bought some mushrooms and potatoes.

Sausages with vegatables

Day two: Sausages with vegetables

That following night I received another phone call from Mrs Sensible inquiring if I had included vegetables in my diet. I sent her the above photo and pointed out that not only had I included potatoes but I had also included mushrooms!!!!!

We then had a little debate to discuss if chips could be classified as vegetables and if they were healthy. I thought I was winning the argument debate until Mrs Sensible asked if I had eaten any fruit in the past couple of days.


Fruit added to the diet

Day three: Fruit added to the diet

Under instruction from Mrs S I added an apple to my diet. Don’t worry, I didn’t go hungry because I snacked during the day on some Corn Flakes.

During the fourth day of surviving alone, I received an e mail from the nice people at the Expat-Blog web site, they said they had decided to make my little blog of madness their August blog of the month!!! They asked for a photo that reflected Italy and would I answer a few questions. I was genuinely surprised when they not only printed the photo I submitted, but also included my interview.

To celebrate I cooked a proper dinner,

Spaghetti, wine and the Godfather DVD

Spaghetti, wine and the Godfather DVD

This dish not only included tomatoes and mushrooms, there was also some prosciutto cotto and some salami chopped up and added, nicely washed down with a nice bottle of Marco Belleros wine which reminds me I need to tell you about Marco inviting me to help present his wine at the  London Tasting Seminar in May.

But back to the food, as I type this I have a chicken curry cooking on the hob, actually I checked it a minute ago and the juice has all boiled away, I have just added some more water from the kettle, but it looks a bit sad, so I might not upload a photo of it and I might be tempted to have Corn Flakes and wine tonight.

Just please don’t tell Mrs Sensible

39 thoughts on “The Corn Flake and wine diet and the Expat blog of the month !!

  1. Yer gert great nutter 😀 You make “Home Alone” look boring! I think you should bring out an alternative diet book – the world has been waiting for this revelation.
    Congrats on being blog of the month – the people at Expats Blog are lovely.
    Now I’m off – I have an email to send. 😉

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  2. I find that going on a 3-day bender always knocks off a few kilos, but Mrs Sensible probably wouldn’t approve of that either. In fact, she might rubber stamp your corn flakes and wine diet over that – just a thought 😉

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          • I bet your skills are still more refined than my. For the past years my wife was the one in charge of food and I was onto responsible for eating and cleaning. This changed now due to my wife starting an own business…now after over six years I had to start cooking again, the first few were barely eatable according to her but somehow she enjoyed the last dish with mashed potatoes, veggies, sour cream and a ready made fish filet warmed up in the oven (actually this was the easiest dish to make as I barely had to do anything, just showing how bad food turns out when I have to do real cooking…)


            • Same here, Mrs S is the master cook, she can turn left overs into a fabulous new meal. Hence the reason I decided to try the Corn Flake Diet, it is no fun burning and ruining food if you can’t share your failure with somebody else

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  3. Really now! You are so slick. Corn flakes and wine. That sounds appealing. I’m afraid Mrs. S. will know everything by the time she gets back. Better stock up on some green veggies and some of the ones with color. Potatoes are not diet food. Pretty high in calories, I think. Very starchy. Oh well. you tried but, you say you lost weight so I supposed all is well. 🙂

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