A Catastrophic Error

Mrs Sensible has a Shakespearean dilemma – ‘To spit or not to spit?’


The nice lady at Secret Sicily invited me to write a guest post for her blog. If you want to read about when Mrs Sensible was a Miss and made a Catastrophic error please go to Secret Sicily

13 thoughts on “A Catastrophic Error

  1. My heart goes out to Mrs. S. There is nothing worse than biting into something expecting it to taste a certain way and then have it be something totally different (like the proverbial box of chocolates).
    Did she develop a taste for scotch eggs? Probably not.


    • Hi Liz, so you are from ‘over them there hills’ My mum was from somewhere called Dukinfield. I remember pork pies from Lancashire were special and eccles cakes. I also remember it rained more than it did in Yorkshire.


  2. Congrats on your guest post!
    I laughed out loud but felt sorry for Mrs S biting into an arancino sans the usual trimmings! Indeed it must have been traumatic knowing what the Sicilian rice ball is like!!! Hopefully she has recovered!


  3. I can imagine her surprise! I had a similar reaction when I was given root beer in the US after being told it was like ginger beer. It wasn’t, and I had to resist the urge to spit it out because it tasted like mouthwash.


    • Root beer!!!! What is that?
      It is always a shock when you think you are eating / drinking one thing and are given something different. It is too early in the morning to tell you about the time Mrs S let me eat lumaca on a skewer when I thought it was a beef..

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