24 thoughts on “Photos of the Day – When stairs are faster than the elevator

  1. Elevator? There is an elevator in the building? And for those of you not from the US (such as our friend PN)….that’s a “lift”. See, I can speak a different language. Both American English, English English but my Australian English needs lots of work.

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  2. Almost forgot….I speak fair to middling Canadian English also…living fairly close to them and watching Canadian TV I can pick it up…..but sometimes they sneak a word in I’ve never heard before. Then I have to email one of my Canadian friends.


  3. Hahaha, very strategic indeed. Why not just abandon the lift or elevator or whatever you call it. The sign is like covering up something. Just same as when your husband cook for you for the first time (because it’s his surprise for your anniversary) and it tastes horrible. You will not say its ill tasting but you will instead be thankful he cooked for you.


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