Driving in Sicily

Driving in Sicily

No this is not a football match or an international game of marbles between Sicily and England, it a post I wrote for Veronica from Veronica was the first person to follow my little blog of madness, so you can imagine how excited and humbled I was to be asked to write a post for her.

Please click here to read it.

Disclaimer: Mrs Sensible didn’t check the post, so it will be peppered with smelling  spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.


11 thoughts on “Sicily-v-England

  1. Hello! Found you via your hilarious guest post and now I can’t stop scrolling through and reading your posts – and I have my own posting to be getting on with!! Have a great weekend!


    • Hi Selma,
      Thank you for your comment 🙂
      I am sorry that I haven’t replied earlier, the last week has been chaotic. We have just moved house and Mrs Sensible not only made us clean paint and disinfect the new house, we have also cleaned, painted and disinfected the old house.

      I have protested that I remember how dirty this house was when we moved in, but Mrs Sensible seems to have lost her hearing….


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