Missing. Scabby White Cat

Scooby Doo where are you?

Scooby Doo was last seen on Friday morning, when he exited the garage to eat his breakfast. Since then we have not heard him meow once. I know I have offered on more than one occasion to post Scooby Doo to a good home (or even a bad home) but we are missing him and his crazy antics. We have called him and searched the vineyards, but he is nowhere to be seen.

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo

Mrs Sensible is convinced he is no longer with us, as in maybe he has gone to the cat heaven. Luigina, the nice old lady who lives next door, suggested he may have moved house again, she pointed out to me that “Scooby Doo used to live across the road, maybe he is now living further up the road”

I told Mrs Sensible that Luigina thinks Scooby is still alive, but just living with someone else. Mrs Sensible said “maybe he has moved back home” “What across the road with the  Hounds from the Baskervilles!! highly unlikely I said.

Nice cuddly friendly cat loving dogs

Nice cuddly friendly cat loving dogs. AKA Hounds from the Baskervilles

Mrs Sensible is going to go and ask the neighbors across the street, if they have abducted seen their cat. I am sure it will be an interesting conversation, because at some point she is going to have to tell them, that their cat has been living in our garage for  around 4 months.

Gilda, the short legged but incredibly fat dog was also questioned. We know she has a habit of eating anything that is left lying around. She is the only dog I know that can eat a yard of grass and not barf afterwards.

His belly is not touching the floor

The only reason her stomach is not touching the floor, is because she breathed in when she saw the camera.

So, on a more serious note. Have you seen the cat that lives across the road our cat.

82 thoughts on “Missing. Scabby White Cat

  1. hopefully scooby/scabby returns soon. if not, i am going to imagine that he is living on a farm with green rolling hills and lot of mice and no dogs. or he has upgraded to another garage nearby.


    • MMM, Gilda does look guilty doesn’t she. Mind you she is always guilty of some misdemeanor.

      I wonder if Scooby Doo has taken offence at being called a Scabby White Cat and decided to move house.


    • He is quiet quick on his feet. Gilda couldn’t catch him, I missed him with the broom after he scratched me, so I doubt a fox or a car caught him.

      He will be tormenting someone else at the moment. I hope.


    • My personal editor is teaching the chilblains at school. When she comes home and edits the post, my poor grammar and spelling mistakes will vanish. She deletes my commas and adds more in other places.


      • ha ha ha. If I used the muz as an editor, OH MY! That would be fun reading! 😉 Everything would be spelled phonetically rather than correctly! I guess it may be decipherable?


      • Hey, I am trying to help some English teachers here who have had some trouble concerning an English competition here. One of the issues was the use of the word fable as the root for the word fabulous. I never knew they were connected til now. Is that news to you? I know it is not a normal use in American English. It seems as if the test was written unfairly to trick the students, and maybe have been given to some in advance to peruse. I am going to write to them after I look into it more and get answers from you and other UK English speakers in case it is just my poor American English. Thanks in advance!


        • I have just asked Mrs Sensible and she said Fable, without any hesitation, but then she is Italian and sensible and very clever.

          I have only been learning English for 52 years, and I didn’t have a clue.

          I would complain and stamp my feet because it was obviously a trick question.

          PS I will be back in bloggo land next week, I have been very busy this month.


  2. Oh I feel so sorry for you and the beauty. Have you checket your boxes? Cat loves to hide themselves and maybe he want to secure to follow you.
    I really hope, you will get him back and then bring him to your new place.


  3. So sorry about Scooby!
    The good news is that I once had a cat that was missing for a month and then showed up….hungry. He had obviously gotten locked in someone else’s garage. I certainly hope he turns up in time to make the move with you.


  4. Maybe Scooby has gone on holiday? Perhaps he is just checking that the grass is not greener in another garden/garage/shed nearby and will be back home before you know it. Perhaps as we speak, someone else is blogging about a white, scratchy. scabby cat that has just turned up at their house! 🙂


  5. Oh no. Poor PN. I could tell you had fallen for Scooby Doo’s charms. Rattling the food bowl brings mine back, but it depends how far he’s gone. I think that it’s “cat on heat” period, so if he’s not had the chop then he may have gone off to hunt down an italian kitty to serenade. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll be back soon.


  6. It’s nice to see you back PN. We have been talking about you on emails, thinking that Scooby had come into your warm heart and house, and you were too embarrassed to post again. Whereas I find Scooby is missing. I sense skulduggery is afoot 😉 The Truth Is Out There !! Ralph 😀


  7. Cats are perceptive and Scooby Doo is no ordinary cat. Perhaps it is as Beth pointed out that he has realised you are moving and moved on himself. The Diva knows when we are packing for a holiday because she keeps jumping into our bags and laying there and then following us around. Maybe Scooby Doo has done the same.
    I hope he comes back because I think he’s found a place in your heart 🙂


  8. Have hope. My grown daughter has a cat named Sugar who skipped out the door in the middle of Canadian winter. She was frantic. We put up posters all over the neighborhood. There was much searching, calling, pestering folks in the search. My daughter gave up hope about week three ( I gave. Up hope day three thinking the wee feline was an furry Popsicle) and on week four gave away all the cat equipment. Easter morning , now into week five, she received a call that someone one block away spied her cat. She was skinny, dirty and smelly and found under a neighbour’s deck. No less than the resurrection. 🙂


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