Forced to eat vegetables.

Cabbage, it is green its healthy and good for you. Uh huh

Cabbage, it is green, it’s healthy and good for you. Uh huh

9.30 pm Sunday 20th October 2013

PN : I am hungry.

Mrs S. You’re hungry? It’s a bit late.

PN: uh huh.

Mrs S: There’s some cabbage in the fridge go and nuke it.

PN: It’s ok I’m not that hungry.

Mrs S: You’re like a child, you eat with your eyes and your ears.

PN: Where are you going?

Mrs S: To nuke the cabbage.


3 mins later…….Β PING

munch munch munch

PN: How come this cabbage is so nice, what did you do to it?

Mrs S. I cooked it in some of your red wine.

PN: Is there any more?

Mrs S: See? You should listen to me more often, you are like a child.

PN: Uh huh.

Mrs Sensible's Cabbage

Mrs Sensible’s Cabbage, cooked in my best Barbera with onion, carrots and love.

37 thoughts on “Forced to eat vegetables.

    • Snozzcumbers, now there is a thought. If it flies and is not a plane, has four legs and is not a table or is found under the sea but is not a submarine; Mrs Sensible can and will cook it. I won’t list the poor beasts she has cooked and served on a plate.


  1. I had to look up the word ‘nuke’…thought at first it was a typo until I saw it used twice. Now I know what it means. I can’t ‘nuke’ anything because I don’t have a ‘nuker’…


  2. I love that saying- You eat with your eyes and your ears! Every time my husband starts looking for something (his keys, wallet, phone) I say to him “Look with your eyes, not your mouth!” Got it from my mum =) I agree with Mrs. S, you are like a kid! =p


      • Hello Englishman in Italy! I’ve just discovered you and have had great fun reading all your posts. I am English girl in Positano and also find myself with a garden full of cabbages at the moment that the garden fairy (aka Nonno) keeps leaving in my kitchen. I find that it actually tastes good if chopped up and sizzled in a frying pan for about 5 minutes with olive oil, garlic, slat and pepper…Even half and half child will eat it!


        • Hi Nicki,
          Welcome to my little corner of madness.
          You read all the posts!! Even the one about my mother in law and the Gatwick police?

          Thanks for the advice re cooking cabbage, but I try not to spend too much time in the kitchen otherwise I end up loading or unloading the dishwasher.
          I am glad you also have a garden fairy, Luigina grows much better veg than me and we might starve without the stuff she leaves on our doorstep πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. yes yes we get it!! any excuses for you to get your daily dose of Barbera (or Chianti, or anything in a bottle of wine… ) πŸ™‚


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