It’s black frock time.

I am nearly at the end of my first year of blogging, It has been great fun and I have exchanged comments and e mails with some fantastic people. Last month I nearly stopped blogging, but thanks to a couple of e mails and the odd prod I am still here.

When Jennifer from My Sardinian life nominated me for the Affidable Blog Award, I was totally gobsmacked, and Mrs Sensible couldn’t believe it. So today I would like to nominate the following people for the Pecora Nera Award.

The Blacksheep Award

The Blacksheep Award

As always there are a few rules that you must follow and they are as follows:-

Give yourself a pat on the back. (you must stand on your left leg while you do this)

Don’t link back to this post. The award is just a thank you to you from Mrs Sensible and I.

Don’t nominate another 15 bloggers. It is a just my way of saying, thanks for the fun or your pictures are fantastic or even just for being a nice person.

So without further ado, here are the winners.

The crazy Irishwoman who lives in Latvia. Expat eye on Latvia

An American who writes about her childhood with Humour 1950 Suburban Adventures 

Lynne who takes wonderful pictures of England Lynne Revette Butler

Montgomery Fest who are obviously still in love and hold hands a lot Mongomery Fest

A new blog that looks like it will be good The Chef and the waitress

I wish my vegetable garden looked like Debb’s Digging wiv Debb

Another crazy woman I used to be indecisive

Pictures, really good ones  The Amateur Camera

A ginger minger Ginger Fights back

Yet another crazy woman, this one lives in France Multifarious Meanderings

A remarkable lady who turns items that have been thrown away into useful objects. Living Simply Free

Dean who blogs about life as a mother Little Steps

The Sicilian God Mother. You are probably already following this blog, if not why not Sicilian Godmother

Crazy woman in Croatia. Oh and she has a holiday home for rent Our Adventures in Croatia 

I am sure I have missed lots of great blogs out, but it is time for a glass of wine.

So thanks to all the great people who have taken the time to say hello to me, and all the people who spend time creating blogs for other people to read.

Ciao PN

70 thoughts on “It’s black frock time.

  1. Seems like you know a lot of crazy women 😉 You lucky thing, you! I’m having a couple of slugs of wine (from the bottle as I couldn’t find a glass) to celebrate – I hope that’s not against the rules!


  2. Oh wow, thanks so much for the Pecora Nera award! Of all the internet awards, I can say this is the best! =) Feel really honoured and thank goodness you’re still blogging! We need you, you know =) Do thank Mrs. Sensible for me too =) All the best, Dean


  3. I am toasting my nomination with a cup of soothing and calming herbal tea (oh dear, that sounds a bit dull) after a very busy day of preparations and celebrations and before another very busy day of preparations and celebrations. Drinking, patting myself on the back whilst standing on one leg is quite challenging, but I managed it! Thanks for a very entertaining year PN. 🙂


  4. Loved this post a lot. I will surely click on the ones with intriguing titles that you have listed. SInce I am new to your blog I didn’t know that you had thought of stopping- blogging that is! I am so glad that you are still here: among the living and among all the nut cases that like to show off on WordPress and I am including myself in that group as well.

    May your blog be long lived and “you” just keep on being funny. I enjoy your blog, very much!


    • Thanks, I think the awards that people send out are great, I really was astonished when the first award came my way and I know that if you follow the rules it helps to bring readers to both the blogger who nominated you and the nominee.

      I did think of adding a couple of real rules just to see if my little black sheep could find it’s way around wordpress, but that would not be in the spirit of Pecora Nera.

      Happy blogging



  5. Thank you! We are honoured 🙂 And we both will stand on our left legs and pat our backs together while we watch our chicks hatching! And well done on being nominated for your award. You certainly deserve it, we have been entertained many a time by your blog posts.


  6. I’m so pleased that you are still blogging and have won an award and so thrilled to be nominated for the Pecora Nera Award. At this point I would like to thank my camera and iPhoto for the large part they have played in my success. I am also grateful to my left leg for not being permanently damaged like my right leg thus allowing me to comply with the rules of acceptance. (bit of luck involved here I think) Please keep entertaining us for years to come.


      • I was thinking of putting it on a tee-shirt for when I pat myself on the back …..perhaps you could sanction an approved “order of the black sheep” range of clothing but I would like to avoid a rolled-up trouser leg if possible. I already have the black frock.


        • What a great idea!! The possibilities are endless.

          I had some T shirts printed a couple of years ago with slogans such as.
          Hardwork pays later Laziness pays now
          We can’t spell failure without U
          but my favourite is, Another dissatisfied customer. I wear this whenever I fly with Ryanair or when I go to visit Mr Cretino.


  7. Okay. I may be a little dense but where does the black frock fit into this award ceremony or is this an Italian idiom with far reaching consequences. ?? 😉


  8. Congrats on the award, it’s about time. I’m glad you didn’t stop blogging I look forward to the comedy you bring into my day. Today was no exception, when I saw you nominated me I had to laugh that you called me a guy. 🙂


  9. Awwwww! Crazy woman in South of France wipes emotional tear from cheek. Thank you, PN, thank you, Mrs Sensible. May the Marmite Gods smile on you for eternity, may the source of Walkers crisps shower you with a lifetime supply of Salt and Vinegar, may Mr Cretino come up trumps, and long may you blog, because I’d be very sad if you stopped. PS. I’d like a picture of you in that black frock, please;


  10. left leg – check! you and mrs. sensible are as fab as fab can be. i LOVE our description…i feel captured perfectly 😉 and might i add that this is the greatest of all award nominations. thanks for the new inspiration round-up!


  11. Wow! I am totally honoured to be on your PN Award list! This has got to be the coolest award I’ve received! Thank you PN and thank you Mrs Sensible, I am truly touched 🙂 I have complied with the rules and patted self on back whilst wobbling on left leg! By the way, I think PN merchandise is a fantastic idea! 😀


  12. hey it sounds like you’ve got a lot of crazy women in your blogging life PN!! glad to be one of them!!
    thanks God there is Mrs Sensible to keep you grounded…. and PLEASE don’t stop blogging, what would I do without a crazy Englishman in Italy and his very bad taste for Marmite and best British sense of humour!!! 😉 😉 It’s great to see my home-country being described so vividly, accurately and with such wit. I love the banter and the interaction with all your other followers.


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