A little prayer

Oh Lord please help. I have been a good boy today so why did I have to receive a phone call from Mrs Sensible at 13.50 today to remind me that I have to visit Roberto our friendly  dentist. Lord I am sure you remember the pain and suffering he put me through before. If you can’t remember please plug in your laptop and read this This might hurt a little.

Why Lord did you help my wife to remember the dentist appointment? Did I not pray hard enough on the way to work asking you to make her forget.

Lord if I have to go tonight please either make Roberto too ill to be there or let him decide we need to wait a day or six.

I promise I will be a good boy for the rest of the week.


Just in case you can’t make Roberto ill and he does decided to drill and fool around with my teeth I am going to take some pain killers before I go. I know I promised I wouldn’t. But these are hard times.

God bless everyone except dentists.

20 thoughts on “A little prayer

    • I have just got home. The dentist is at 7.00 pm The clock is ticking. I breezed into the house and in a happy voice I asked Mrs Sensible if she had managed to cancel my appointment.
      “what are you talking about, you need to go. Go and get ready”

      I am sulking, and no you are not helping but thanks for the good luck. erh! do you think you could phone him please, pppllllleeeassse.


  1. I think you should stage a spectacular panic attack as soon as drill appears, so he won’t be able to treat you. Tremble, hyperventilate, throw yourself to the floor screaming, tha type of thing. This is a great Italian tradition. Having a nervous disposition is a medical condition taken very seriously in italy.


    • Didn’t think of that, problem is Mrs Sensible is coming to make sure I behave and she will probably throw a Sicilian fit which will be worse.

      I have asked her to tell the dentist that I am a wuss when it comes to pain, and that it is in his interest to make sure he uses lots of pain killer, because at the end of the day it is his fingers in my mouth. And I don’t think there are many job opportunities for 2 fingered dentists.


  2. Unbelievable. I never felt a thing. He gave me 2 anaesthetic injections that I didn’t feel and then did root canal. Mind you it wasn’t Roberto is was a new dentist at the practice. I have his card and will use him next time. It does mean I have to be good for the rest of the week as I promised.


  3. ahhhh this is great! I have drafted a post called “I live in the UK, my dentist is in Croatia” which is similar to this……. this thing about dentists seem to me to be a common problem when being in another country. Be a good boy and no sweets so you’ll avoid going to the dentist….


    • It wasn’t very hard to think of the title Mrs Sensible, I wake up in the morning with mad schemes like moving to Italy or trying to become rich by selling T Shirts http://www.demotivate.org or better still migrating south to Sicily to find work, while the Sicilians are migrating north to find work.

      My long suffering wife stops me from the crazier schemes while indulging me on the slightly less crazier schemes that won’t have too detrimental impact on our bank balance.

      I really should do a post entitled Mrs Sensible.


  4. hahahahahaha You made me remeber about my fiance (he is italian) asking me to search a brazilian dentist to him!!!!!! We all have problem with dentist, but what happen to the italian dentists!? This will be on my why-don’t-go-to-Italy list! hahahahahah


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