Funny kind of week

It’s been a funny kind of week, I made another batch of limoncello lollies and to be honest, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but they were to die for.

I also tried to make some lollies using some cherries that had spent the last 12 months soaking in neat grappa, unfortunately the alcohol content was too great and they didn’t freeze, however they made great alcoholic slush puppies and the third batch did freeze. 

Mrs Sensible is less than impressed with my hobby of turning alcohol into fantastic lollies, to placate Mrs S I made some lollies using some apricots from the garden, Mrs S liked them but in my humble opinion they lacked something, namely a good shot of liqueur.

Also I came across an interesting article on the tinternet about a woman who hadn’t washed her golden tresses for 5 months….. allegedly she stopped using shampoo because it was expensive, not eco friendly and damaged her hair.

I have no idea how much shampoo costs, Mrs S is in charge of the shopping, but in the interests of science and because it has been a funny kind of week I decided to try going shampoo free.

Following the instructions on the tree hugger website, I put one tablespoon or was it one desert spoon of bicarbonate of soda in a bottle and added a cup of water. This was to be my eco friendly shampoo. I then took a bath and washed my hair.

The results were less than successful, my hair stood up on its own and I resembled Beaker from the Muppets show.

I will try the no shampoo experiment for another couple or days / weeks and I will  let you know how it goes.

36 thoughts on “Funny kind of week

    • Ghul shampoo…. I need to google that, I have just found out if the bicarbonate of soda makes your hair, how can I put it, a little wild as In Beaker from the muppets wild, you can wash your hair using a mixture of Apple vinegar and water!!!

      I wonder if mushed up grappa lollies will have the desired effect!

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      • I think the grappa lollies are better taken internally. Enough of them and you won’t care what your hair looks like. Not that I am trying to encourage your alcohol consumption or anything.
        Of course I haven’t washed my hair in a while but then I don’t have any to wash (thanks to chemo) but that is getting better….maybe October.

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  1. Interesting abbot the slush puppies as in hush puppies that US southerners make out of cornmeal and then deep fry.

    Apple cider vinegar will make your hair soft but the clue it that you need a bit of shampoo to add to the soda. The soda removes all the oil from your scalp and hair but it just needs a bit of suds. You then must rinse and rinse your hair to remove the soda and then do the apple cider rinse. I tried one time but my hair is fine and I needed to rewash with the good stuff in order to make it look ok. 🙂

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  2. Seeing as you’re living in Italy, perhaps you should try conditioning your hair with olive oil. Of course, you might need a little more than bicarbonate to wash it out. Recently, I’ve also been seeing a lot of “cleansing conditioners” that are supposed to leave you with a natural, healthy shine.
    I also read a little article not too long ago written by someone who worked at a fashion magazine who went for a long time without washing her hair as some sort of an experiment. I seem to recall that the odor was a significant drawback…

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    • Hi Karen
      The odour was a significant drawback 😂😂😂😂
      Well it is day 2 and apart from hair that has a mind of its own and likes to stand to attention in little clumps, the experiment appears to be a partial success.

      My hair is not greasy and Mrs S, who would order me to the shower if I started to pong, has not said anything.

      Olive oil is an interesting choice as a conditioner, we have several bottles of olive oil made from the olives from my father in laws land. It is as natural as can be.

      I am just wondering what state the bath will be after I have ‘conditioned’ my hair.
      For my friends living in the UK, would you suggest chip fat of lard as a substitute conditioner??


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    • Well here we are on day three of no shampoo, my hair is ok, admittedly it has a habit of standing up in strange directions, Mid morning I tend to look like someone who has been hit by lightning…
      Bad news is the exhaust fell of my car but I don’t think they are related and yes beer should be drunk not wasted 😀


    • Hi Elaine, it’s now been 4 days using just bicarbonate of soda and my hair isn’t greasy not is it amazingly shiny and healthy looking… it just looks the same.

      It is turning out to be a bit of a non event. Mind you my hair is not long and falling over my shoulders.

      Someone suggested it is possible to use beer as a hair cleaner, maybe the wine in my diet is helping my hair 😂


  3. I read something about how nasty shampoo is for you, but there’s no way I’d go without washing my hair with something that smells good. Whatever I use, my hair looks like I’ve stuck my fingers in a socket, so I will be avoiding your bicarb of soda recipe.

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