My Little Book.

When I told David, my older brother, some of the crazy stories about everyday life in Italy, he suggested I should keep a diary and maybe, someday I could turn it into a book.

During 2008 I spent three months in Sicily, in a futile attempt to find work. Mr Sensible knew thought I was mad, she was aware of the high unemployment in  Sicily and couldn’t understand why I was heading south. She did explain to me that most Sicilians were heading north in their search for work.

Mrs Sensible was once again correct. I didn’t find any work, but I did have the beginnings of a book. While I was in Sicily I sat down and started to write notes on the bizarre and often hilarious day-to-day struggles of  trying to survive in Italy with only Mrs Sensible and of course my English/Italian dictionary.


Here is the front cover.

An Englishman in Italy

An Englishman in Italy

I have launched the book on the crowdfunding site Kickstart to raise some funding to publish the book BIG LINK HERE.

I  hope you enjoy my blog. If you do, please will you help me to, in Jennifer’s words, social media the crap out of my little book as soon as it is released.

Many thanks

Pecora Nera

39 thoughts on “My Little Book.

  1. Congratulations! I would love to read it. Are you going to be selling it or will it be available at Amazon or some such other Big Box Globalizing Evil-doer store? (are my politics showing? ;P ) I would buy it from Amazon if I had to but I would rather give you the money as I know you would get more.


  2. Pecora Nera, I, too, will be anxious to see the book! I have my own stack of incredible stories about adapting to life on the island of Korcula…it’s a long, long way from California! Piacere.


  3. I cannot wait for this book! Will you put up a whopping advertisement when it comes out? Also if you would like to publicise it once it is ready, I would love you to write a guest post on my blog! Let me know when you are ready to launch… it would be good if it is in time for Christmas. 🙂


    • Hi, The book should have been printed by now, but we decided to add one of Mrs Sensible’s recipes at the end of each chapter and my niece has kindly created a few illustration for the chapter headings. So we are in delay. 😉

      Thank you so much for the offer of a guest post, I will take you up on it. 🙂 🙂 Many thanks Pecora (gobsmacked at the kindness of wordpress bloggers) Nera


    • I sent the book to the publisher and said I was considering adding one of Mrs Sensible’s recipes at the end of each chapter. They thought it was a good idea so I delayed the print while I added them.

      Unfortunately I am waiting for Mrs S to finish writing 2 recipes. I will have a glass of wine and with a bit of dutch courage I will hassle her to finish them.


  4. Hi there, Peter — assuming the book has now gone live — and is hopefully ‘well’, I have added a quick pointer to it from one of my FB pages. As a wannabe writer (in Italy), I’m sure every little helps to get attention. I shared it to Words of a Feather. All the best


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