Our freshly created collective blogging group is made up of foreigners living rich, colourful and at times frustrating lives in ‘Bella Italia’.

We have haphazardly come together to pool our thoughts and share the reality behind life in this romanticized country. 

Hey, there is nothing like honestly to take the shine off of things. If you want the truth about day to day life in Italy with a pinch of humor then you are in the right place.

Our group is quite eclectic but in a fun and energetic way, the majority are from Florence, another is from Reggio Emilia, we have a new member from Piedmonte, one from Rome and little old Unwilling Expat from Sicily. 

Here are the bio’s and links to the C.O.S.I crew. 

Feel free to visit everyone, comment and follow as you please. 


‘M’ from Married to Italy

‘M’ is an American Texpat architect, living and working in her husband’s tiny hometown in the province of Reggio Emilia. Her blog is home to her rants and raves about life in Italy, and it serves as her therapeutic search for hilarity amongst the chaos.


Misty Elizabeth Evans from Surviving in Italy

Misty is an American expat trapped between two worlds with her badass husband, his chest hair, and their poodle. She is a writer and partner of House Of Ossimori. Her award-winning blog, Surviving In Italy, aims to honestly portray her life in Italy, the sober times, the drunken times, the yelling, food, family, and on occasion her obsession with the majestic Capybara. She’s also terrible at writing Bios. Someone do it for her next time, okay?


Rick Zullo from Rick’s Rome

Rick is an American expat living in Rome. Born in Chicago and raised in Florida, he came to the Caput Mundi in 2010 and forgot to go back. When he’s not exploring his adoptive hometown or writing for his blog, he spends his time teaching the world English, one Roman at a time. Rick is also the author of the silly little eBook, “Live Like an Italian,” available on Amazon.


Georgette from Girl in Florence

Georgette is an American social media strategist, copywriter, blogger and a certifiable ‘Tuscan Texan’ living and breathing all things Florence. Social inside and out, she lives in the moment and eats way too much pasta. She blogs about life in Italy, travel around Europe {and the world}.


Gina from The Florence Diaries

Gina is a 26 year old California native whose unhealthy love of cheese, wine and gossip has made her a perfect transplant to Italy.  She blogs about life in Florence, tour guiding for college students abroad, traveling and her dog Gorgonzola.  When she’s not busy writing down all the crazy stuff that happens to her, she’s listening to Snoop Dog and trying to figure out how to open an In-N-Out Burger in Italy.


Rochelle of Unwilling Expat

Rochelle is a writer, translator, blogger and journalist from Perth, Western Australia. She has a complex relationship with her adopted island home of Sicily and still has much love for her native antipodean land, even if it is too far away from everywhere. She blogs about all things ‘expat’ at Unwilling Expat and contributes regularly to the Times of Sicily which brings Sicily to the world.


Andrea of Sex, Lies and Nutella

Andrea is an Italian-American living the dream (and occasional nightmare) in Rome.  On an incessant search for all things dolce in la vita, she recounts the travels, reflections, observations, and frustrations that make up her own special blend of life in the Bel Paese.  She also isn’t half as scandalous as her title suggests.

C.O.S.I encourages everyone to ask questions and give us suggestions as to what you may want to know about life in Italy.

So far the group has covered the following topics:

Our collective nervous breakdown

Becoming bold and italic collectively

So you’re married to a foreigner … an Italian perspective

Superstitious Italy: A Friday the thirteenth special!

Struggling with the Italian language

15 thoughts on “C.O.S.I

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  2. Hi Leah and Diane! Love your sites!
    Your interest has been passed on to the Grand Poobah, but we’re in a bit of an administrative revamp at the moment. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed on how to get involved!


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