Merry Christmas.

Christmas was going according to plan, school has finished and I thought, why not get out the decorations and make the house festive. On hindsight, I should have just opened a bottle of wine and watched a good movie.

Over an hour ago, I carefully carried my little box of Christmas decorations into my house, I gently removed the lights and laid them on the floor, they are still on the floor in a multitude of knots.

January 2020 I packed the lights away and I remember taking my time, so how come they were and still are tangled together? Are they annoyed that last year I gave up on Christmas and didn’t put them on my tree? And decided to spend 12 months tying themselves in knots!

A knotty problem

Last year was a hard year and I didn’t feel very festive, so I dragged my little lemon tree into the apartment I was renting and stuck a few baubles on it. If last year, I had found the lights in knots, I would have thrown them out, this year I am a little more patient. (A little)

Difficult to see, but the tree decided to flower during Christmas.

Will someone please explain to me how I should pack the lights away so they don’t tie themselves up, and please, how do I untangle them without breaking the bulbs or going crazy.

I have done a quick search on the internet and discovered I am not the only one who has this problem.

A good solution

Speaking about Christmas light fails, there is a town in Germany that might want to rethink their Christmas lights, unless of course they had been sponsored by Victoria’s Secret..

Knickers I hear you say.

I am going to wish you a safe and happy Christmas and after I have finished this glass of wine, I will have another go at untangling my Christmas lights or as a last resort, I might once again bring the lemon tree into the house and stick a few baubles onto it.

Merry Christmas

22 thoughts on “Merry Christmas.

  1. Aaaw, heck. Sounds like the kind of frustrating problem that I used to have when my children were still home, and I spent time decorating. I haven’t put up a tree in about 30 years. Of course, if you keep it small then the effort is not so great. Citrus trees grown in containers seem to pick December as the time to bloom. I learned this from a gardening site that I follow here central Texas. Folks were either showing photos of their blooming potted trees or photos of their boastful bounty. At any rate here’s wishing you a lovely Christmas and healthy and happy New Year. As an aside, I am not keen on celebrating holidays. At my age they are too much trouble, depressing, expensive, and a pain to try to get family members together if though ours consists of three immediate family members and my son’s girlfriend of long standing.

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  2. Wishing you a Merry Christmas with or without fairy lights – can’t advise how to put them away like u would a rope but delicately. You need to write a book of your adventures you have talent. Saluti buon natale

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      • All the best with getting your book published I wouldn’t know where to start but maybe the smaller publishers. Look forward to it not Italy through rose-tinted glasses!, Have you read any Tim Parks writes about his life in Italy..
        Buon Anno and enjoy your little munchkins.

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  3. Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely start to the new year. May it be a bit less entangled and chaotic and confusing than your lights. I swear that their sole purpose is to stay tangled! โค

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