Ouch ! 🆘😢

Yesterday was a little cooler than normal, the cats were lazing in different parts of the garden and I decided I would find the old hosepipe so I could water my bit of mud that would soon be grass.

Susie Pussy Cat, very beautiful, very stupid

I searched in the garage and behind some boxes and then I remembered it might be in the boiler room.

I tugged the door open and as I reached for the hosepipe, I felt a sharp pain on my cheek, nowadays my reactions are not quiet as fast as they used to be, there was a time I could outrun a wasp. These little blighters managed to sting me once more on my back before I managed to run to the sanctuary of my house.

Last one to sting him buys the beers

As the cats all ran in the other direction, Mrs Sensible heard the commotion and thought at the very least I had amputated my left leg or maybe I had fallen out of the upstairs window.

As she tended my wounds, I pointed out I had only shouted ouch twice, and I had not come screaming into the house, like a cat with its tail on fire.

Wasp nest split in half

I extracted immediate vengeance on the nest with a powerful bug spray. And as you can see, they were extremely annoyed because when I opened the door I managed to split their nest into two pieces.

My neighbour came around (probably because she heard me shout ouch and ouch) and suggested I should recoperate in her swimming pool.

The best pool in miles

Which I did, although I am still sulking with  the wasps

12 thoughts on “Ouch ! 🆘😢

  1. Wasp stings really hurt and I’d be surprised if anyone would not “holler” out in pain. In fact I think the wasps hurt like hell. I’m glad that you are not allergic. It is best to get rid of any nests. Maybe you should check around your house for more nests. And gee you have a nice neighbor.

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  2. Wasps are evil incarnate. I hope you feel better today. I had a run-in with a hornet a month or so back. It had decided to do an over-nighter inside my dressing gown, and it woke up and complained long after I had put said garment on, stumbled downstairs, made myself a coffee and sat down opposite my teenaged son. The latter was surprised to see his mother suddenly rip off her dressing gown and run around the kitchen in her knickers, screaming obscenities, and hotly pursued by an angry hornet. He had the great idea of opening the door. I think his eyes hurt for much longer than my thigh did, and my thigh hurt for nearly a week.

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    • Your son is a hero, I didn’t think about stripping down to my knickers… I was too busy running around in circles.

      At one point I even cursed myself for not purchasing the pool I have been promising myself for the past 8 years.

      A dive into that would have solved many problema

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