How to cook spaghetti bolognese

I know a couple of you follow this blog in the hope of reading one of Mrs Sensible’s authentic Sicilian recipes,  not wanting to disappoint you I have decided to create the Pecora Nera Home Cooking Channel. 

Before you try the recipe I did try it on little Mario to see what he thought and his initial thoughts were,


Please let Mrs Sensible cook next time

And Marco said


I’m sure he didn’t follow the recipe properly

So here is a link to my latest video from Pecora Nera’s home cooking channel.

For Christmas I will upload ‘ How to prepare a traditional Christmas Lunch




Christmas Lunch in a can

I was going to upload a picture of a whole Chicken in a Can, but it made me feel a little queezy and I don’t want to put you off my Spaghetti Bolognese recipe.

36 thoughts on “How to cook spaghetti bolognese

  1. I always sort of wondered what was inside cans like that, and seeing as I never would have bought one to find out, I’m so glad you jollily walked me through the process. I can’t decide if it’s about what I imagined or scarier than I imagined.

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  2. There is one thing for certain. No one can “goof up” with this recipe. Love your cooking channel. Maybe you’ll be contacted by Food Network here in the states. I think they need someone with your cooking abilities. Your show would be a hit.

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  3. Loved it! One small gripe…. you didn’t show us the inside of the can after the fork was applied. How will tell if we’ve got every last bit of goodness out?

    I will be following your channel with much interest now.

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