5 Kilometers! You are kidding, right?

Mr H sent me a WhatsApp message suggesting we should both sign up for a 5 Kilometer fun run, my initial reaction was to quickly delete the message, however just before I pressed the delete button, I spotted the word WINE!


Bean Wine Run???

The run suddenly looked like fun, on the website I read they will have a refreshment table for the thirsty runners every kilometer. Not water but glasses of wine and proper food!!! Without asking Mrs Sensible, I immediately registered for the run it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Proof that there might be a bit of madness in my family

After registering for the event I mentioned the Wine Fun Run to Mrs Sensible. She then sent a WhatsApp message to the wife of Mr H mentioning the Fun Run, this was a shame because Mr H hadn’t managed to find the courage to ask / tell his wife that he was going on a wine fun run with me. I quickly dispatched a warning message to him.

While various messages  were being sent from one phone to another, I decided I needed to invest in some proper running kit. Obviously I will need some running shorts and a hat to keep the sun from my eyes.

While I was looking for a nice set of spandex running shorts….. I came across these.


Unfortunately they are not available in Spandex

I can’t decide on which T shirt to buy. Because this is a special occasion, a once in a life time run, I may even print some Team Pecora Nera T Shirts….

I did find a suitable hat to keep the sun from my eyes,


The hat

I am a little disappointed, the hat only holds two glasses, the picture is not clear enough to see if it is possible to insert two bottles.

Mr H said his wife has agreed to allow him to join me on the run. He has also started his preparation for the run, which includes sit ups, press ups and running. ( I had to google these strange terms). I told Mr H we should have a support vehicle and staff, maybe a sommelier, cardio specialist and an ambulance.. you never know.

I am also taking this run very seriously, the first week will be used for organising and the preparation of my kit, the second week will include choosing which wine to take and  trying to run whilst balancing the two glasses on my head. In the final week I may try a little stretching and an occasional sedentary walk.


Mr H with our support staff.

Mrs Sensible told me the local red cross will be at the run and I wasn’t to worry, I was really only concerned on behalf of Mr H. Because someone may have to carry me.


Mr H is strong enough to carry me

The run is on the 3rd of September, so please come and support us, and I mean support us in the literal sense.


16 thoughts on “5 Kilometers! You are kidding, right?

  1. Spandex. Definitely. Mrs Playmo says that Bobby Charlton shorts will chafe your inner thighs, and Mrs Sensible won’t be having that! Mrs P is determined to come and run with you – or rather in your pocket. She’s good at pompom girl support – accompanied by a fair amount of swearing and threats for good measure. Well done for signing up – now it’s time to get those trainers on.

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  2. I’m surprised that you’re not taking your training for this sacred event far more seriously. One glass of wine every kilometre at five km an hour (at your pace) – can you even down five glasses of wine an hour? Train, man train!!!!!

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  3. You’re like some kind of superhero, aren’t you! The shorts are just you, and the personalised t-shirt sounds perfect. That Mr H looks like a genuine athlete. Is he, or did someone act as a body double for the photos?

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    • Hilton and I are entering again this year, if you go, you will easily recognise us, because we will be the only ones in fancy dress.

      All the Italians wear the T-shirts provided for them….


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