Tilting at windmills or trying to obtain Italian citizenship

Following last weeks debacle at the ASL office (Italian health office) I casually mention I was going to start the process to obtain Italian citizenship. The ink had not even dried on my little post when Sal from sarsaparillasal.blogspot.com suggested we should have a little race to see who will be the first to obtain their Italian citizenship.


Sally from sarsaparillasal

Mrs Sensible thinks I am crazy to even contemplate trying to obtain Italian citizenship, she might be right but being crazy has never hindered me in the past, Lady of the Cakes asked me if my quest was in anticipation of the Brexit.


I couldn’t find a picture of Lady of the Cakes but I did steal this image from her blog, it’s probably a good likeness.

To be honest I don’t think the United Kingdom leaving the European Union will make much difference to me when it comes to dealing with Italian officials. Most of the officials I have been unfortunate to come into contact with, either think the UK is not part of Europe, or maybe just not part of the European Economic Area. Even the Italian Police who frequently stop me to check my driving licence think the UK is a country sandwiched somewhere in between Poland and Russia and goes by the name of the Ukraine!

Here is a nice photo of the Italian police with their shiny new Lamborghini police car.

Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car Hard Crash In Italy - 04.jpg

Happy Smiley Faces

And here is another picture of their shiny new Lamborghini police car.


Oops our gallant boys in blue with their shiny new toys.

Ok, so back to Sally and her suggestion that we should have a race to see who can cut through the Italian red tape and be the first to obtain Italian citizenship.

I, Pecora Nera hereby throw down the gauntlet to publicly challenge Sally to the race, may the best friend win.


Sorry Sally I couldn’t find a nice gauntlet to angrily throw on the floor.

So let the challenge begin… dun dun duuuuurrrr.

PS I have had a snoop at her blog and she is fluent in Italian and has lived here longer than me and….. I’m doomed to lose.



68 thoughts on “Tilting at windmills or trying to obtain Italian citizenship

  1. yes, well, good luck with all of that—if obtaining citizenship in Italy is like any one of your harrowing (daily living rituals) tales such as having wood delivered, getting internet service, the search for a lost cat (which by the way be kinder to mishmash) or selling your chips, or seeking directions, or eating while Mrs S is away officiating weddings…yada yada yada—I fear you are delusional—and whereas I do love all things Italian—I would only hope you would seek a dual citizenship as I would hate to see you leave the UK as it perhaps leaves the EU—leaving you, as we yanks like to say, SOL….just saying πŸ™‚

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  2. If you knew me, you’d know I am an eternal optimist – I always believe “where there’s a will there’s a way” – but, Italy was the one time/place like I felt no matter what I did I could not make things happen. I once blogged about a canceled green day concert right after we moved to Italy and viewed everyone’s calmness at the venue as “zen” – a more seasoned friend said he saw it as “giving up” because in Italy you just feel impotent and relent. I hope you can disprove this pessimism. πŸ™‚


    • Unfortunately I think you have hit the nail on the head, the Italian “Zen” is exactly as your friend described, nobody was surprised and knew screaming and stamping their feet would change nothing.

      I am still in the screaming and stamping my feet stage, I am not sure I will ever reach the Zen stage

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  3. I thought it would be easy being married to an Italian??( Or in partnership). But then nothing seems like it is straight forward. It will be fun to see how the competition proceeds. In boca al lupo!


    • I also thought because I am married to an Italian, obtaining health care etc would be easy…. but it makes no different. To be honest I need to find a friend who has a friend who can ask the twit in ASL to un-delete me.
      To get anything done in Italy you need to have a friend who can pull the correct strings, sad but true


  4. Good luck! I just want to obtain my dual citizenship between the US and Italy, and tracking down documents in the US seems to be no picnic or walk in the park either. Oh and I love the pic of the smashed up Lamborghini….nice touch!


  5. Pecora, I have a question for you and all your readers: if Italy is such an insane place, why made you move and most of all stay there?
    I’m not being sarcastic, I’m just really trying to understand from my beloved sunny (yes yes!!!) London, for I know exactly why I left 20 years ago and never looked back.
    If any consolation, I really want to get the UK citizenship but my very English husband can’t understand why…..it’s my heart telling me to do so!!!!!
    Anyway good luck with this whole thing….hahahah….you’ll need it!x


  6. Heck PN, that was quick!!! No sooner do we have an intimate, private emailing sesh to establish the rules of play than the Contest Has Begun!!! So be it. The gauntlet has been taken up. Now, watch your back because we both know who’s going to win πŸ˜€
    Baci Sallyxx


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