The little house of horrors

Please have a look at this blog….

Oh Woe

I received an e mail from my tenants to say they were moving out, so I hot footed it back to the UK to have a look at my little house, to say I gnashed my teeth and pulled my hair would be an understatement. I don’t want to embarrass Mr Jamie Kimpton and Miss Sarah Hudson so I will give them both an alias, so lets use the names Mucker 1 and Mucker 2

Jamie Kimpton Jamie yngzeb Kimpton sarah Hudson Sarah Kimpton The Muckers

As I walked through my little house, my emotions changed from sadness to anger and finally to utter disbelief. let me fast forward to my bedroom. Originally it was decorated in white and magnolia, and had some nice solid wood bedroom furniture.

Jamie Kimpton Sarah Hudson Jamie yngzeb kimpton Sarah Kimpton The wardrobe, taken from the video I made prior to them moving in.

Jamie Kimpton Sarah Hudson Jamie yngzeb kimpton Sarah Kimpton My boring but sensible wall.

Now I know not everybody likes magnolia paint and wooden furniture, but can…

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14 thoughts on “The little house of horrors

  1. My heart goes out to you dear PN. I’ve been a landlady. Not the kind you would like…in a pub….but the kind you are the male version of. Funny, I’m an exemplary tenant and never understand why other people aren’t.
    So sad what they did to your house.
    Hope you get everything worked out.


    • We have rented 3 different houses in Italy. Mrs S has persuaded me to redecorate them before we left and she cleaned and mopped them. I spent 3 days removing the rubbish they left. I am just glad Mrs S is still in Italy, this would have broken her heart.


      • Do check my latest post…the cute cat might help cheer you up a little. If that doesn’t help I hope you are on good terms with the kind of landlady recently mentioned since you are currently in the UK. I don’t drink but feel free to have a pint for me.
        And I too spend endless hours cleaning and putting everything in order before I move out of a place. Really don’t understand why people don’t take care of things. But then they don’t take care of things they own either sadly.
        Good luck with breaking this to Mrs. S. The Muckers should be left alone in a room with Mrs. Sensible and her wet wooden spoon.


  2. What a nightmare, for sure. Your heart must have plummeted into your boots when you saw what had been done to your property. Karma will bite them on the bum, with any luck.


  3. Presumably you have their deposit? I don’t know about your contract, but many have a clause that you can continue to charge rent for as long as belongings are left in the property. This is shocking. Good luck recouping your costs.


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