Summer Skiing in Italy

Driving home at lunch time, I spotted two old dears running down the road, whilst madly waving a pair of ski poles around. Now I have lived in Italy for the past 6 years and so nothing surprises me. But I must say, these two old dears in their stretch running pants piqued my interest.  (Photo will be uploaded later)

So in the interest of science, I have done a little research.

Summer Skiing

Summer skiing. Very safe unless you trip over each other.

It seems that Summer Skiing is considered to be a safe sport. It is highly unlikely that you will fly home from your Skiing trip complete with a plaster cast. Whereas in winter skiing, a plaster cast is considered by many drinking companions, to be adequate proof that you actually did go winter skiing in the Alps.

2 Summer Skiing Englishman in Italy

Skiing in wellies is perfectly acceptable.

The cost of the clothing is also quite reasonable. You do not have to spend the kids inheritance on fashionable ski attire. It is quiet acceptable to go summer skiing in wellies, jeans and a silly hat.

3 Summer Skiing Englishman in Italy

Learners on a nursery slope.

But with all sports, it is very important to find the best summer ski instructor. Here you can see three beginners getting to grips with this demanding sport.

4 Summer Skiing Englishman in Italy

These are not English Summer Skiers, because there is not a knotted hanky or beer belly in sight.

Although I do not condone summer skiing on a beach, in my opinion beaches are for relaxing, and sunbathing, not running around waving dangerous ski poles. It is advisable to check with your  local authorities for restrictions.

5 Summer skiing Englishman in Italy

Summer Skiing in your garden

Your own garden is a very good place to practise Summer Skiing. After all, if you are worried about falling down and getting tangled up with your ski poles, it is better to do so in your own garden, rather than out on the road where someone might have a handy camera.

Summer skiiing Englishman in Italy

Summer Skiing is also an indoor sport.

For those rainy days, and here I am thinking of the people who still live in England, Summer Skiing can take place in the comfort of your own home. A word of warning, cornering around the coffee table should only be undertaken by experienced Summer Skiers. And please mind the dog.

Summer skiing englishman in italy

No special footwear is necessary.

So to recap. Apart from the cost of two sticks ski poles, the cost of this sport is very low. No ski lift passes, no expensive medical bills and you don’t have to freeze to death.

52 thoughts on “Summer Skiing in Italy

  1. It’s incredible how evolution works. We managed to get from using four limbs for transport to two. However, it’s only in the last few decades that people have realised the absolute necessity of poles for walking. It stops the arms dragging along the floor, aparently. I have quite wide feet, so I very much want a pair of those shoes in the last photo. I could cover all three car pedals at once, leaving my other leg to relax and have a day off!


  2. where can you buy those sticks Pecora Nera? Age Concern? Is it good price 2-4-1?
    I think they would come in handy to shooo off annoying pets like Gilda …. 😉


  3. Definitely one of the spring in Moscow highlights is watching old people do this. By their faces, I’m sure it’s a very intense sport.


  4. I love the Hoff-style guy helping the grannies! Will keep an eye out in Latvia for this madness. I’m sure they’re big into it. Anything that involves sticks and forests and walking is very popular 😉


  5. I love summer skiing! Only where I live, it’s winter skiing because there’s no snow and, more importantly, fewer biting insects than in summer. I can go at a pretty good clip if there’s no stones or tree roots in my way. Ironically, I started skiing (aka pole walking) because without the poles, I was tripping over stones and tree roots. Now I just trip over my own poles …


        • This is a very interesting comment.

          The difficulty is Gilda, although she is as fat as a little pig, she is extremely happy. Whilst the Italian Summer Skiers appear to be in a lot of pain and distress. Aching joints etc.

          My worry is, I spend 6 months losing weight and turning my body into something that resembles a God, only to be run over by some Italian twerp in a car.

          I think I will stay fat and happy like Gilda


        • I have just returned from an unexpected lunch invitation.
          Carne crudo followed by tagliatelle con salsicca washed down with a very fine bottle of Barbera. An espresso and a little snifter of grappa.

          So all thought of dieting have been abandoned until tomorrow. 🙂


  6. I’m looking for matching outfits for J and I now. Alps here we come! On another note – we’re in Florence this weekend. PN! Why did you not stress how urgent it was to get to this country! I’m head over heels..


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